Top 10 tools and applications 2020

Top 10 tools and applications

1. Find My Device

Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) is now part of Google Play Protect. It is a good service pack for protecting users’ phones from malicious content. Google is taking advantage of machine learning to scan and verify applications in users’ phones.

To use Find My Device, users must have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher to be able to install this app. There are about 99% of devices running Android 4 or higher, equivalent to 2 billion devices worldwide.

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2. GasBuddy

Like what the GasBuddy name represents, the app can tell users the closest gas station. Like Waze, petrol station information is shared by the app users themselves. You can find gas stations through a variety of factors, such as checking whether the station has diesel fuel or which gas station can be paid with a card. Besides, users can register with a Facebook account to use GasBuddy for free on Google Play.

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Download GasBuddy

3. Glasswire

Glasswire is an interesting software that allows you to explore your network situation. Users can see the data consumption used by each network protocol (web, email, ftp …), or by each software. Also, you can track the information by day or for a period. Moreover, users can even view real-time graphs of your computer’s Internet usage. With Glasswire, you can find network connectivity errors, unusual behavior that affects privacy, or simply learn more about how software and operating systems connect to the network.

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4. Google Assistant / Google Search / Google Feed

Google Assistant is Google’s virtual assistant. This is a great development of an Android feature called Google Now. This app will give you information without having to ask. Besides, Google Assistant is a competitor to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

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Google Search – one of the best information search tool of the Google group has long been a pioneer in the field of online information searching. Also, this is the first and the most successful product for this group. Not only is it excellent in searching speed, but Google search results are also truly quality, giving users the most accurate information.

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Moreover, Google Feed is a new feature that displays news, images, videos and different types of content according to your preferences in the Google app for Android and iOS. Currently, this “Feed” function only shows news, has not seen any videos or more. At least the news is mostly tech news and breaking news of the day, according to my interests and in many different languages.

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Download Google Assistant / Google Search / Google Feed

5. IFTTT and Tasker

IFTTT: IFTTT is a web service that connects other services you use every day like Evernote, Gmail, or Dropbox with simple instructions called “recipes.” The formula includes activation, like getting an attachment in Gmail and action, like Saving that attachment to Dropbox. Each service has different channel of cause and action. Besides, the IF for Android app adds some specific channels to your phone, allowing you to trigger actions based on your location, whenever you receive a phone call or your phone’s battery level. After that, you can perform actions, such as changing system settings, sending texts or even installing a new wallpaper. For example, you can let IFTTT automatically update wallpaper with the latest image of NASA of the day. Also, IFTTT is not limited to Android, which means you can easily connect your phone to the rest of your digital life.

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About Tasker, this is an automation application for Android. With this feature, you can create “profiles” based on things like the application running, what the date is, or where you are. After that, Tasker watches your phone to see when the conditions are met. When everything is good, it can activate “tasks” to do things like send texts, change settings on your phone, or play music. For example, you can have Tasker turn on airplane mode whenever you are in the GPS location of your favorite movie theater. Besides, third-party plugins like AutoVoice allow you to extend what you can do with Tasker even more.

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Download IFTTT and Tasker

6. LastPass Password Manager, and Authenticator

Today, web browsers have the option to save the login password so that you do not need to enter information again. However, this feature may reveal your personal information. At this point, LastPass will help you manage all account passwords by using encryption technology to keep your personal information secure. Also, the software helps users to log in their account quickly with a simple touch. Moreover, LastPass supports various operating systems and popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera. It will display a message asking if the user wants to save the login password or not. With subsequent visits, you only need to touch the screen to automatically fill in the login form.

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Besides, Google Authenticator is a code generator used to log in to your account. It consists of 6 random numbers with a valid time in just 30 seconds. Because of the special code generation feature, you use Google Authenticator code when logging in, which will help your account to be the highest security and prevent hackers from entering.

Download LastPass and Authenticator

7. MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver is a file browser that is receiving a lot of attention from the community. As the name implies, MiXplorer Silver combines a lot of great elements that file browsers in particular or Android applications in general need. This application converges many functions, speed, smoothness, simple and beautiful interface, modern. Moreover, it is free without ads.

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8. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a handy VPN software when you need to browse the web without leaving a trace or browsing the restricted content without any barriers. This is a simple but extremely secure VPN application. ProtonVPN comes with some great functions. In which, the user interface looks very nice, allowing to display all the information on the same screen. In addition to the free version, the app also offers paid option. However, if you are a regular Internet user, you just use the free version of ProtonVPN.

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9. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager is an efficient file manager for mobile users, including phones and tablets. It supports application management, media files, documents, and supports cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex and many other convenient services. Moreover, this app is also a multifunctional mobile data management application, which is widely used by users. Besides, Solid Explore File Manager also provides users with many customization options such as theme selection, icon sets and color schemes. Users are free to adjust the interface to suit their preferences and style.

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10. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is an interesting utility that helps you identify errors when connecting to WiFi. Besides, it can find the best channel or location for the router/access point by turning your PC, Laptop, smartphone or tablet into a wireless network analyzer. Besides, the free version of WiFi Analyzer has no ads and allows users to freely use its basic features. If you want to use more advanced features, you have to upgrade it to the Pro version.

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