1Password for Android (APK), IOS and Windows v7.5.1

New update: 

This release delivers an important security update. If you turned on Biometric Unlock in 1Password 7.4 or later, you’ll need to re-enable Biometric Unlock in Settings in order to continue using it. As always, we welcome your feedback on Google Play, Twitter, and in the 1Password forums.

What is the password? The downside of using a password:

Password is a term usually refers to a series of characters that Internet services, software and computer systems require users to enter before they can continue using some features. Besides, it can be with usernames when the system needs to distinguish different users. Password strength is a term used to indicate the difficulty in discovering a password. Also, a weak password is a short password, common, default that the system provides or something can be quickly guessed in many ways.

Recent research showed that up to 90% of the passwords in use are on the list of the 1,000 most commonly used passwords. So if you have a password set as a long string of characters like 123456789 or qwertyu…, you’re still very easy to guess. According to ITU – an information technology organization, the total number of social network users occupies 51.2% of the global population. They will be users of passwords a lot. In addition to social networks, many things around us need to use passwords like e-wallets, internet banking, door password… Using a common password for multiple accounts will lead you in big trouble. But these problems will be solved when you have a good app, which is 1Password – the leading password management application.

What is 1Password?

1Password is a password management tool from the publisher AgileBits. It is compatible with many operating systems such as Android, IOS and Windows. You can use them to manage passwords for any mobile device and computer. Besides, the app is an easy-to-use, nice password management tool, allowing you to create complex and extremely secure passwords for every application account or website.


The key features of 1Password

Users do not need to remember many complex passwords

With 1Password, you don’t even know the password for your online account. You only need to remember a secure password that you use to open the application. After that, it will automatically appear, store and fill in the security password. You will not have to remember passwords with complex characters for each account. Now, you only need to remember one login password of the app. After that, 1Password will do the rest. Even, 1Password will remember its own password that means you will not need to remember the password of any account. Instead, 1Password will do this for you. If you are an Android or Windows user, you only need to set 1Password to automatically fill in your login information. If you are using an iPad, you just simply drag and drop your password into the app or website.

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Remember important account information

1Password allows you to store driver license information, passports, bank account numbers, membership cards, software license information, Social Security numbers and more. Also, it allows you to upload specific file types such as images, text files, PDF and more.

For example, you have photos of all passports as well as detailed passport information for all members of your family. When you need to find the expiry date of the passport of your wife or your children, you don’t need to look for it somewhere because everything is kept in 1Password.

Classified and easy-to-find data

With 1Password, it gives you a very nice and neat interface, where your items are sorted by categories such as login, credit card, password, bank account, passport or license. You can select the important sections first for easy selection. Also, you can tag them or put them in folders. Of course, 1Password also has a quick search feature if you save a lot of things in this place.

The convenient Menu

1Password is convenient and practical to use thanks to its intuitive Menu Bar icon. You do not need to open the 1Password app anymore. Everything can be selected, viewed and edited right from the Menu Bar. It’s fast and very practical. It is also simple when you want to go to System Preferences to find the password.

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Sync between 2 platforms Android and Windows

Despite the outstanding features, you should still know the disadvantages of this application. The first is that you can not synchronize data between two different platforms, even use the paid version. You can only try the app for 30 days. After that, you will have to spend some money to actually own it. There are 2 paid options for 1Password, use the family pack for $ 5 per month and you will be able to use for 5 people, or buy it for $ 64.99 then you won’t need to pay a monthly fee anymore.

Instructions for using 1Password

Step 1: When starting 1password, the program will ask if you are a new user or not? You have 3 options:

  • I have just used it for the first time
  • I used to use 1password (opening available data)
  • Use 1password data from backup.

1Password use 1

Step 2: if you create a new account, 1password will ask you to select a location to store the data. You can choose the storage in your computer, USB, or on cloud services like Dropbox (to easily sync between devices together). After selecting the storage, you click Save.

1Password use 2

Step 3: You need to enter the main password (master password). From now on, you only need to remember one master password. The colour bar shows the strength of a password. It is the most important thing that you have not to forget the master password. Otherwise, you will lose all the remaining passwords stored in 1Password. Click OK.

1Password use 3

Step 4: 1password will introduce you to some extensive functions. You can click Yes to see it. If you do not like to watch immediately, you can click No.

1Password use 4

1Password us3 e.5

Step 5: You will be asked to enter the master password again to log in.

1Password use 5

Step 6: You begin to create the password database.

  • Logins: This section is often used to store usernames and passwords into online accounts.
  • Regular Wallet: save credit card information.
  • Account: save accounts information
  • Secure notes are important notes
  • Identity is usually information such as passport, identity card…

1Password use 6

Step 7: enter data then click OK.

  • Title: you fill in a short title so that when you open it later, you will quickly realize what account this is
  • Username: Username
  • Password: password. 1password can create you a random password or you can manually enter the password.
  • URL: login link
  • Notes: any notes you want to remember.

1Password use 7

Step 8: To use 1password, you go to the place you want to log in, click the copy icon as shown in the picture then paste the password where you need to log in.

1Password use 8

1Password use 8.5

Step 9: to edit some settings, users can click on Preferences.

  • In the General section, you can change where the password data is stored.

1Password use 9

  • In the Security section, you can change the master password by clicking Change Master Password. In addition, you can choose to close 1Password. For example, you can set 1Passsword to automatically close after a certain time (for example, 20 minutes), or close when the computer is off or when the screen is off, etc.

1Password use 9.1

  • In the Backup section, you can choose the time for 1Password to update the password database. Most of 1Password’s preset settings are quite good without much change.

1Password use 9.2

Step 10: to exit 1password, you click the lock icon.

1Password use 10

Instructions for downloading and installing 1Password

For Android Or IOS users, you can visit the link at the end of this article, download the file and install as usual. It must be quite familiar to download the APK file from our site. For the Windows version, the installation is quite complicated. Please see the section below:

Instructions for downloading and installing 1password for Windows:

Step 1: directly download 1password from the link below the article choose the version that is appropriate for your browser.

Step 2: Double-click the file 1Password7 3.712 to start the installation, click Next.

1Password wd 1

Step 3: Choose a location to store 1password. If you do not want to save to drive C, you can click Browse to find another place. After that, you click Next.

1Password wd 2

Step 4: If you want to create an icon on the start bar or the path from the desktop, please click Next. Besides, you do not select “Don’t create a Start menu folder” and deselect “Create a desktop icon” then click Next.

1Password wd 3

1Password wd 3.5

Step 5: Click Install to start the installation.

1Password wd 4

Step 6: Click Finish when the installation is complete.

1Password wd 5


Overall, 1Password is the best password management app I have ever used. It can help you store passwords and other important information that is not only convenient but also extremely secure. Besides, 1Password is easy to use. All the features are on the menu bar that you can easily get acquainted even if it is the first time. I have been using 1Password for a long time without any problems. Readers can download now 3 versions 1Password for Android (APK), IOS and Windows at the link below. Thanks and have fun!


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