8 things gamers expect from League of Legends: Wild Rift

8 things gamers expect from League of Legends: Wild Rift

In early 2020, many experiments will be conducted by Riot Games. These tests are for updating the new features that gamers want to see on the game League of Legends: Wild Rift (LOL Mobile). Today, please join us on Gameflash.vn to take a look at TOP 8 things that most gamers want to have in LoL Mobile!

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Good control mechanism

The first thing that MOBA mobile games often try to achieve is the as good control mechanism as possible. It should be fast enough to perform the operations in the game. If this is not taken care of, it will bring a sense of lag or delay in activating skills and other functions. These problems negatively affect the player’s experience. Especially when you play some heroes such as Zed or Yasuo, you need a clear control mechanism. Also, Riot Games should allow players to change the size, position and sensitivity of the virtual keys. This will provide absolute customization, like many other games.

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Detailed instructions provided

Surely, LoL Mobile attracts not only gamers from LoL PC but also gamers from other mobile MOBA. It is very important to provide specific guidance on the game’s generals, equipment, and mechanics for newcomers. They can guide new players, including all things that they need to know about the game mode, equipment, instructions… What are available in Mobile Legends or Arana of Valor. Even more interesting is the equipment, pearl tree of the highest-ranking players, which are for new players to have references.

Free generals

According to an announcement from Riot Games, League of Legends: Wild Rift will be released in the form of a free game. However, the most important thing is that the generals in the game are completely free or not? This is still controversial.

You may not have to spend money to buy a new hero, but do gamers have to spend a lot of time to earn redemption points? Is there a deposit to shorten this game? Or can you afford to buy a champion without spending any effort? All these questions are still of particular interest to the community. For the most accurate answer, we will have to wait more time to verify.

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Compatible with many mobile devices

At the last announcement, Riot only gave LoL Mobile an early registration on the Android platform. So, the iOS devices will have to wait a little longer. Currently, the minimum configuration that Riot announced is:

• Samsung Galaxy A7: 1GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 central processor, and Adreno 306 graphics processor (with Android)

• iPhone 5S and above (with iOS)

• With the tablet, Ipad, Tab… has not explicitly been informed by the manufacturer. Please wait a little longer.

The above configuration specifications are at a minimum. You can still play LoL Mobile with the device with the above index, but the experience quality will certainly not be equal to the one with the higher configuration. Smoothness, vividness in colours, details of objects, sounds … have an absolute difference.

Although the game requires such a minimum configuration, the compatibility of the game with different models has not been verified. The ability to interact smoothly, without jerk, lag or battery consumption, is what gamers areconcerned about. Therefore, gamers want LoL Mobile can be compatible with as many models as possible.

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New and attractive gameplay

Of course, with a new game, gamers will expect it to have many innovations and upgrades in terms of the gameplay. Compared to similar games on the mobile market, LoL Mobile is expected to have many bright points in both gameplay and graphics.

Besides, gamers also want to see the difference between Mobile and PC versions of LoL Mobile. According to the share from Riot Games, LoL Mobile will only have more than 40 heroes at the time of launch instead of having more than 140 generals like on PC. The skill sets of these generals may change slightly but will not lose their own identity in the PC version. This Mobile version will also change the system as well as the way it works, allowing gamers to complete the game in just 20 minutes.”Thus, players can completely hope for new and more breakthrough gameplay than the PC version as well as MOBA titles available on the market today.

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The generals exclusive to the mobile version

In addition, there should be heroes that are exclusive to the Mobile version. Riot Games confirmed that LoL Mobile is completely refreshed for mobile platforms and consoles, and will be a separate game compared to LoL PC. Therefore, they can freely create by designing some “exclusive” generals for the mobile version rather than simply copying all the champions from the PC. However, it will be even better if there are generals exclusive to this mobile game.

Recently, there is an extremely interesting information has been revealed. Specifically, in an interview with Singapore’s Riot Games developers Jia Tan and Jan Chen, it seems that LOL Mobile will have exclusive generals. It means that these heroes are only available in League of Legends: Wild Rift. They said that they could change some features, like adding a new champion for LOL Mobile, which was not available on PC. The main idea is to release the best heroes for each platform. Although the Mobile and PC versions will havedifferent generals, this factor is still being considered. Of course, the best is still to bring the entire champion on both PC and Mobile versions.

This is definitely an exciting idea for players to explore and attract more new players to League of Legends: Wild Rift. Besides, having unique generals will show that this is a serious game that Riot is passionate about, not just a side project of LOL.

Release as soon as possible

After one day of being officially announced at Riot’s 10-year birthday event in Singapore, the Chinese market is the first place to get access to League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is considered a huge advantage of gamers in China. After China, Brazil and South America is the next area that Riot chooses to release a test version. This can be considered a surprise when many other regions with strong LoL communities such as Korea, North America or even Southeast Asia are not selected.Before the gameplay revealed on social networks, the heat of LoL is increasing. At present, the most desire of gamers is to experience this game as soon as possible.

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Do not cost too much money from gamers!

Hopefully, this will not be repeated as what Garena publisher has been doing with League of Legends when launching a series of similar events and make many unclear costs for players. Riot Games will be affordable for each region. Specifically, they will provide new missions or events that are more entertaining than just targeting players’ pockets.

Besides, gamers still want Riot Games to keep the cool features in the PC version, which is to create Hextech or open chests so that players can spend a lot of time searching for heroes, costumes… I hope that Riot will do its best to make sure League of Legends: Wild Rift also brings the best experience they have ever done to LOL PC.

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