Top 8 camera apps using AI technology in 2021

#1. Picai

Picai is a photo-taking and editing application, which is using advanced AI technology exclusively for mobile devices Android 6.0+. With the ability to automatically analyze and recognize photos by using AI algorithms, Picai proposes two optimized filters from among more than 100 different filters for you to choose from. Thereby, it will help you get the perfect picture the fastest.

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#2. Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a great software running on iOS. It uses artificial intelligence and the device’s camera to help the blind read, recognize the surrounding. It even helps them to know the other’s ages and their feelings, recognize the menu of the restaurant, read the denomination of a bill, recognize handwriting… The software is developed by Microsoft itself and is trusted worldwide.

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# 3. S Pro Camera

S Pro Camera is a photo application with a lot of professional features. It also has an extremely intelligent AI photography system. The app has many advanced features, such as AI scene detection up to 16 scenes, beauty mode, portrait, Bokeh, stickers, filters, GIFs… Currently, S Pro Camera has up to 40 million users and supports 50 different languages.

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# 4. AI Camera (iOS and Android)

The AI camera is a feature that smartphone manufacturers apply on new phones today thanks to the processing programs, synchronization, the ability to recognize from faces, images, or voice. They give users the most suitable and optimal methods for sharp quality photos with high detail.

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# 5. Google Camera

Google Camera is the camera app launched in 2014 on the first Google Pixel phone. While it doesn’t have as many hardware advantages as flagship phones, the Pixel has always been one of the best photography devices on a phone.

Besides, it proves that the image quality doesn’t depend too much on the hardware. By replacing your phone’s default app, Google Camera gives you access to premium features for the best quality photos.

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# 6. Painnt

Painnt for Android is a powerful and beautiful photo-editing application. It is capable of turning an ordinary picture into an artistic painting with subtle lines and colors like painted, carved by a talented artist. Besides, Painnt filters are categorized into various opics, such as classic, modern, sketch, mosaic, trippy, documentary, and nature for easy searching.

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# 7. Diffsnap

This is a cool AI camera with powerful AI Face Swap functionality (including 3D Real-Time Face Swap, Video Face Swap, and Picture-in-Picture Face Swap) and AI beautification functions (including FaceBeautify, BodyBeautify and Sticker). It supports taking pictures and recording videos and emojis.

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#8. Prisma

Prisma is a unique photo editing application with beautiful art painting effects. Specifically, you can use its photo filters to turn photos into Picasso, Munch or Salvador Dali style paintings… They will be extremely lively and charismatic. Currently, Prisma has up to 50 million users on Android.

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