Amazon FreeTime – Kids’ Videos, Books, & TV shows APK v3.17

Full NameAmazon FreeTime – Kids’ Videos, Books, & TV shows
PublisherAmazon Mobile LLC
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest VersionFreeTimeApp-aosp_v3.17_Build-1.0.213058.0.33091
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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What is Free Time?

Free Time is the managing application from Amazon. Its official name is Amazon’s Fire Tablets. However, it’s also available in the Google Play store for download on almost all phones and tablets. Unlike other control apps, Amazon Free Time doesn’t lock kids in one app, prevents them from accessing other apps or the device’s dashboard. Instead, Amazon FreeTime completely replaces the device and turns it into a friendly device. Specifically, the interface of the app is very easy to use. The tools list is completely separate for children. Each of them has a different panel that is suitable for their age. If you pay for the Free Time Unlimited package, you can access a huge library of selected movies, TV shows, and books from the developer.

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How to use Free Time

Since Free Time has made its way into Amazon’s Fire Tablets app system, there’s no need to install it. You only set up a profile and get involved in the app. To download it, you can visit the Google Play store and install it as usual. After finishing the installation, users continue to launch, login to your Amazon account.

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To get started, readers need to give the app some permissions. This is very easy as Free Time will guide you through the process. Select “open Google play store” then select “Require authentication for purchases”.

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If you want to enable a custom kid-friendly web browser, please select “enable browser”. After that, you choose the profile you want to enable. Finally, please select “OK”

How to set Profile and launch FreeTime On Android devices

– First, you can click on “add a child profile” to create a new profile.

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– Second, please create a profile for each child by pressing the “Add card” button. Then, you can enter a date and choose a suitable theme for the child’s age. After finishing, please click on the button “add facility: to complete.

– Third, to launch the newly created FreeTime profile, you will have to take the next steps for additional setup. Children are a very complex topic, so do your best to do what the app asks for:

o At this point, users will start with allowing app usage tracking, set it as the default launcher, and set a parental PIN. Then, you select “OK, LES’T DO IT” to complete. This will take you to the next step.


o In the next menu, readers can turn on the Amazon FreeTime feature. At this point, it allows FreeTime to track usage in other apps, which is essentially a must for the app to do what it does. Once enabled, you can tap the back button.

– Fourth, click on OK, LET and DO IT” and select “Always”, then enter your PIN. This complete process will immediately put you on the child’s profile.

– Fifth, you can add the content you want your child to see. There are lots of kid-friendly content. You can select multiple contents and hit “done” when you’re done.

What’s inside the Free Time profile?

When the child uses the device, the app updates to include the media last used (books, apps, and videos). The toolbar above the screen displays full categories, consisting of Book, Video, Apps, and Character. Besides, the content is not available in the app that is automatically downloaded from Amazon. They are free so you can rest assured that you won’t lose money when your kids accidentally buy anything.

Inside the app’s menu, there is a content store full of cute and friendly things. Here, we can see dinosaurs, toy cars, cats, superheroes, and lots of interesting content for kids. At this point, you can click on a specific character icon to display all available media associated with that character.

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Amazon FreeTime will be the best parental control app for parents. Moreover, it provides thousands of useful books, videos, apps, and games to help develop children’s skills and thinking. A small minus point is that the application installation is quite complicated. It may be difficult for parents who are not tech-savvy. However, it is essential. Nowadays, with a lot of harmful content aimed at children on the internet, the introduction of a comprehensive parental control app like Amazon Free Time is essential. Thanks and have fun!

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