Among Us APK MOD v2022.10.18 (Unlocked)

Full NameAmong US
PublisherInnersloth LLC
Mod FeaturesUnlocked All
Latest Version2022.10.18
RequireAndroid 6.0+
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Among Us APK MOD (Unlocked) is an online strategy game from the developer Innersloth. It has unique gameplay for Android, iOS, and PC. In the game, you will play as one of the crew on a spaceship preparing to depart. However, on the spaceship will appear one or more random players who play the impostors of the crew. They try to sabotage and want to kill everyone!

The main tasks

It is your job is to find the impostor before it’s too late. You can complete missions to prepare the spacecraft for departure, check the map, and observe the security cameras to track other members. Once the impostor is suspected, the crew members will vote together to bring him to light. We can say that Among Us is another version of the famous game Werewolf.

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Which role do you like?

In the game, actions take place on a spaceship that is built from different units. You can start a new game online or play it on the computer. Besides, gamers will play as an astronaut or an imposter, which is kept secret from other players.

If you are an impostor, the goal is to destroy the entire crew by sneaking them up and hitting the KILL button. On the other hand, if you are a member of the crew, you must try to avoid the impersonator and quickly find out who it is before it’s too late.

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How to find the bad guy

To find out who the bad guys are, a chat room that includes all players will appear after the actions, where they can discuss who they suspect is an impostor

based on what they see in the game and hold a vote. Also, gamers can interact with certain items in the spacecraft’s room during the game.

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How to play Among US as an imposter

If you play the role of a crew, you will only have the task of guessing and making decisions. Then, as an impostor, you need a lot of skill.

Don’t get attention in Among Us

Instead of going around potential victims openly, act as though you were completing a mission. Moving and standing next to computers, engines … The crewmembers work the same way, so an imposter has no disadvantage when playing with them and is more difficult to detect.

Besides, one way to stay suspicious is to join the discussion when a corpse is found. In the short discussion before voting on the expulsion, the impostor needs to act like a Crewmate trying to win the game.

Also, players should try to discuss a lot, ask questions, try to determine who has been where. And when the team thinks already know who the suspect is, agree with them.

Vandalizing and closing the door

You should vandalize whenever possible and close the door before someone dies. These actions will give the impostor a chance to escape from the target’s pursuit. In particular, removing the light bulb can have a significant effect if there are only a few players left to remove it. Similarly, a simple act like closing the door before killing an opponent will give the impostor a few seconds to speed up the escape.

Avoid being seen in Among Us APK MOD

In the game, cameras are scattered all over the map. If the camera is blinking red, it means someone is viewing the file from the security room. Therefore, always remember to check the camera status before taking down your target. It is important to remember when playing the imposter in Among Us is not to be detected while using the vent system – Vent. Just make sure to escape into an empty room. Moreover, you should avoid using ventilation systems to enter open or crowded areas such as cafes, management rooms, or locations with cameras.

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Other tips

  • Know who the real astronaut is to find the exact target.
  • Limit your conversation.
  • Learn mini-games so that you can clearly explain what you are doing.
  • Give short and clear answers.


In general, Among Us APK MOD is a great multiplayer game with unique gameplay like Werewolf. You can compete with your friends or other people around the world. Readers can download the game at the link below.

New updates:
– Fixed misaligned kick/ban buttons
– Fixed kill cooldowns
– Cosmicube improvements
– More improvements and fixes
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