Asphalt 8 APK MOD v6.1.0g (Unlimited Money)

Full NameAsphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
PublisherGameloft SE
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version6.1.0g
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Asphalt 8 is the ultimate racing game from Gameloft SE, one of the largest mobile game publishers in the world. This game gives you a great experience with unique gameplay, many exciting game modes and events, and beautiful graphics. Besides, we also bring you the APK MOD file of this game called Asphalt 8 APK MOD (Unlimited Money). Let’s learn more about it right here.

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How to play

Initially, players have to provide their age, choose a gender, and agree to the game’s privacy terms and community policy. After that, you can start the game with diverse game modes. However, some game modes will require players to have certain conditions to unlock such as The Gauntlet mode (owning 5 cars to unlock). To unlock Moto Blitz mode, you must have 160 stars (this star can be collected in the Career mode). After each lap, the game will calculate the reward for you according to many criteria such as total time in the air (Airborne for 15 seconds), driving 500 with Nitro effect (Drive 500 meters using Nitro… In addition, gamers will receive a medal, each of which corresponds to a certain amount of gold. Besides, each star in the game corresponds to 1 condition that you have to fill. They are, finishing the lap (get 1 star), completing the race within 5 minutes (1 star) and getting 1st place (3 stars). This means you have to meet all 3 conditions above if you want to get 5 stars in Career mode.

Asphalt 8 gameplay final


Various customizations

In Asphalt 8, players can upgrade their cars with many options such as engine, tires, steering wheel … Besides, you can also tune the exterior of the car with beautiful colours. However, you will spend quite a lot of money on them.


Players will be able to visit many famous landmarks in the world such as the Great Wall of China race track in China, Tokyo, Barcelona, ​​Spain… They all have realistic graphics, making you surprised.

Racecourses with a lot of gold coins: How to make money with maps effectively:

– Track 5: Last Map: Tokyo – Elimination – Class S – 1790C each first match.

– Race track 6: Map Classic – Tokyo – Class S – 2385C every 1st place.

– Track 7: Map Solo – Barcelona – Lambo vs Ferrari – 3220C for the 1st place in each match.

– Track 8: Last map: ALPS – Solo – Bugatti vs Ferrari – $4200 per game to finish first.

Huge vehicle collection

It includes 2 types, Classic Collection and Maxed Collection. Players must complete the unlocking of the Classic collection before they can unlock the models in the Maxed Collection. In each of these categories, there are many small types. There are hundreds of types of vehicles for players to choose from such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Audi… Moreover, the game provides you with the Moto race. It means you can unlock many types of Motor. They are all built with high realism, making players excited every time they unlock them. Besides, each type of vehicle gives you a certain advantage in each race such as doubling gold coins, adding Nitro time, adding fuel, giving a custom kit within 1 hour…

Asphalt 8 vehicle collection

Support items

  • Double Credits: This is the x2 Credit option. Players will have to buy this item for 100 Tokens, use it for 24 hours.
  • Nitro Starter: When purchasing this pack, at the start of the race the Nitro bar will be fully charged. Buy for 3450 Credit, use for 10 minutes.
  • Extra Tank: Expanded nitro bar purchased for 200 Tokens, used for 4 hours.
  • Tuning Kit: This is a performance upgrade package for the vehicle.

Perform skills in Asphalt 8

To become a champion, mastering the skills is essential. Here are some of the skills that players need to master. Please save this Asphalt 8 guide information before starting to “get on the gas” into the match.

Barrel Rolls: The car rolls around in the air. You use nitro and then drive the car at high speed to the curved skateboard, fly the car upside down 1 round in the air. Flat Spins: The car rotates in the air. Drift before boarding the chute to successfully perform a spin. Flat spins in one Jump: Number of turns you can make in one flight. Air time: Short or long time the car flies in the air. Drift Distance: Drift enough meters required during the race. Knockdown: Defeat other racers.

Master the skills to handle unexpected situations on the track. Knockdown without wreck: Defeat other cars as many times as required without crashing midway. Perfect run: Drive skillfully not to collide with cars. No wrecks: No car damage when racing midway. Perfect Nitro: You need to accumulate a little more nitro and then press space to use. If Nitro is falling to the red part, press Space again. Nitro will be Perfect.

Other features

– Many beautiful icons for players to decorate their profile.

– Log in to Facebook, google play or Discord to own valuable gifts. Besides that,

– Daily tasks are quite diverse. Players will see a daily quest table in the left corner of the screen. Make sure you don’t skip quests with great rewards.

– Local Leaderboard.

– Currency: You will need to collect 3 currencies in the game including C-Coin (Credits) used to buy basic items or upgrade parts, Fusion Coins – Used to buy cars or upgrades and Token ( A-COIN – this is the rarest unit, used to buy cars).

Asphalt 8 features

Tips and tricks

– Crash from behind: In Asphalt 8, crashing from the back brings quite a lot of advantages when the car in front is easy to overturn. Take advantage of this. However, your opponent will also do the same to you.

– When approaching the flyover, press Nitro to have more time in the air. Sometimes this even helps you fly to the roofs and pick up more items.

– Practice getting familiar with the map, and choose the shortest path when racing. At the same time, you should skip the game screen to buy a specified car, choosing other maps that do not require buying a car will save money on unnecessary car purchases.

– Don’t forget to upgrade the car.

– Pick up and use Nitro continuously to not be charged. However, players should pay attention to the bends because Nitro will make your car accelerate and more difficult to control in the bends.

– Always look at the map for bends and shortcuts.


Asphalt 8 possesses beautiful graphics. The effects of weather, road surfaces, crash and the car’s hovering in the air are amazing. Besides, the vivid and intuitive sound also gives users a good experience when playing.

Asphalt 8 cover graphics

Download Asphalt 8 APK APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

In this article, in addition to sharing with readers the original file of this game, we also bring you an experience not to be missed on the MOD file with an unlimited money feature. This helps you to play more comfortably. We currently offer it below this article.


Asphalt 8 is a classy game in the racing genre. With unique gameplay, diverse activities and top-notch graphics, it will give you a great gaming experience. Follow regularly to not miss the latest super products in the gaming village. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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