The leading auto-click applications for Android

There are many functions or applications on the phone that users must repeat their operations. Most of them are for playing games, especially for the types of games with the auto mechanism or “farming” monsters. Besides, many apps need repetitive operations for a long time. At this point, you need to rely on the help of the Auto Click app, which will help you set up repetitive actions on your device. In this article, would like to introduce to you a list of the best Auto Click applications. Let’s check them out right below!

Auto Clicker

Download Auto Clicker
Auto Clicker will automatically click, tap or swipe anywhere on your screen. It will not require your device to be rooted. If you need a continuous action, you only need to grant the app to cover over other applications so it can overlay on them. So, you can now repeatedly press the same button or click on any position as quickly as possible.
This app was developed by SimpleHat team, which will always provide free features for users. If you feel uncomfortable with in-app ads, you can upgrade the usage plan at the lowest price.

The key features of automatic clicking applications:

  • Each click point is fully programmed.
  • Set the stop time for the set movements.
  • Easily save and download any auto-click settings that you have programmed.
  • Randomly select the click rate and coordinates and many other features.

To use the application, you have to allow the application to be displayed on other apps. In the main interface, please click Start: Select multiple target mode. Right after, a small tool panel will appear, as shown in the image below. If you only click at a continuous point, you only need to add one point to the location.

Similarly, if the application you are using requires clicking a lot of points, you add as many points to click automatically. Next, you press the top triangle button to run auto-clicking. Of course, the click will be made in the order of the click, then repeat from the beginning.

Auto Clicker APK downloaf


Download Tapping

Tapping is also an application that helps you set up automatic clicking points in the simplest way. It has a control panel, and you can set it up as you like, such as clicking frequency, clicking time, swipe time, etc. What makes many people dislike Tapping is that this application only supports Android 7.0 and higher. To use it, you have to grant permission to overwrite other applications. After, you can click Start in the main interface. The auto-clicking panel will display on the left. Then you click the plus sign to add a click.

Next, users set the pointer to the point you want to click automatically on the app, then click the top triangle icon to run auto-clicking. If you want to add more clicks, you can click the plus icon to add the number of points. The click will be made based on the order on the click point.

Tapping apk download

Automatic Tap – Auto Clicker

Download Automatic Tap – Auto Clicker

Automatic Tap – Auto Clicker is an interesting application, which requires Android 7.0 or higher. The app helps you perform clicks and touches at any position on the screen according to the time you set up. It does not require root permissions, which is suitable for auto-clicking in repetitive tasks such as playing games.

To use Automatic Tap – Auto Clicker, you also need to allow it to appear on other applications. After that, you select Multi-target mode and add click points, set the point click where you want to perform an auto click, and click Start.

Other features:

  • Support clicking multiple points at different times.
  • Timer for turn off auto
  • Save and load the profiles you have set up
  • Friendly and intuitive interface.

Automatic Tap - Auto Clicker apk download

Macro Droid

Download Macro Droid

Macro Droid is a little bit different from the above applications. Although there is no automatic clicking tool like the Auto click application above, it allows users to perform tasks that are installed automatically. You can use MacroDroid to perform auto tasks such as Turning on Wifi or data connection when running an application; shaking the device to upload the latest photos to Facebook; reducing battery consumption by manually automatically turn on battery saving mode, or reducing screen brightness…

For the application to work, you launch it, select the task you want to automate. Then you choose Add Macro, in which you will have items like Actions, Triggers and Constraints. These items will help you automate the following convenient tasks.

Triggers: Macro Droid gives you over 70 triggers to launch your macros. It could be automatically activating device status (battery level, starting or closing applications…), activate the connection (Bluetooth, Wifi…), activate the sensor (vibration, brightness…).

Actions: You will have over 100 different actions that you usually trigger manually. They are connecting the device to your Bluetooth or Wifi, selecting the volume level, and causing the Google virtual assistant, timer alarms, dim your screen and more.

Constraints: This is a task option. It only performs at the time when you want. For example, you live near the workplace, but just want to connect to the company’s Wifi during the working days. You can use Constraints to choose the time or date of connection that the application makes the company’s wifi connection for you. Constraints feature offers you many options like battery level, connected devices…

Macro Droid apk download

With auto click apps, auto click apps on Android above, you will not have to operate too much when playing games or using applications.

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