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For those who are single or unmarried, thinking about the future with children always makes them curious and excited. It has inspired them to look to image specification tools, recreating the things in their minds. Today, to satisfy this curiosity, would like to introduce to you an interesting application that can help you sketch out the relative image of your future children, which is BabyGenerator – Predict Your Future Baby Face. Besides, we also provide you with the APK file of the app called BabyGenerator APK. It is free and safe. Let’s learn more about it right here!

About The AI facial recognition technology

General principles:

In a word simple, facial recognition AI technology is what allows us to identify a specific person from a photo or a video. The way this technology works is to compare face images with existing images in the database to give results.

This system is commonly used in security systems and can be compared with other forms of biometrics such as fingerprint or iris recognition systems (according to Wikipedia).

How it works:

The process by which facial recognition biometrics works includes:

  1. Sampling: First of all, to be able to analyze the face and recognize it, it is necessary to separate the face from the rest of the scene first.
  2. Analysis: We recognize people’s faces through their features, so does the recognition system, but it performs the assessment of the characteristics at a higher level.
  3. Comparison: Each face has many landmarks, the protrusions make up the features of the face. Facial recognition systems define these points as nodes.

BabyGenerator facial recognition technology



How BabyGenerator works

BabyGenerator – Predict Your Future Baby Face is a tool to apply facial recognition features of artificial intelligence technology. However, it is much simpler than what I just said in the previous section. Specifically, it will analyze the facial features of parents and make predictions about their future children’s faces. Although the genome and changes in the natural process of human birth are difficult to predict because even people with the same genome have different faces and vice versa. This application does not require advanced techniques such as GEN sequencing or complicated scientific techniques. It simply decodes the facial features of the model and makes predictions. These results are for reference and entertainment purposes only.

How to use BabyGenerator

Although the application of advanced technology, its use is very simple. Users only need to select photos of their parents and put them in a template. Then you choose the gender and age (Note this is the predicted child’s age and gender in the future). Finally, you press the heart button in the center of the screen and wait for a moment. The app will give you instant results. But we want to remind you once more, that this result is for reference and entertainment only. Users have to do it themselves in real life.

Some notes to have a good result:

– Sample photos need to have a clear face, avoid images with complicated backgrounds, or difficult to recognize faces.

– Users can use existing photos or take photos directly. If you’re taking a live photo, make sure you’re looking directly at the camera and focusing on the face.

– Bearded male faces are more difficult to predict. So we recommend that you don’t wear a beard when modeling in this app.

BabyGenerator face recognition 1


We have just sent you a wonderful application for predicting the user’s future baby’s face on the BabyGenerator – Predict Your Future Baby Face application. Besides, also provides a free APK version of this application, BabyGenerator APK, completely free and safe. Users can download this application by following the link below. If you have any questions about it, feel free to leave a comment in this article. Wish you have relaxing moments with BabyGenerator APK and GAMEFLASH.VN!

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