BASEBALL 9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.7.8

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Latest Version1.7.8
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Baseball 9 is an exciting sports game about baseball. In the game, you will both be a player and become a professional baseball team manager, who will lead the team to victory and attend the super leagues.

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The gameplay

Baseball 9 has attractive and realistic gameplay. With a fast pace, it requires players to have good reflexes and fast reactions. In Baseball 9, your task is to develop a junior baseball team until they join the top tournament of the world. Entering the game, you will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere like you are in a real baseball game in the US and famous countries around the world. Each team consists of 9 players. The two teams take turns to defend and attack. The visiting team will be the first attacker. To score points, you will hold the club to hit the ball and run through the bases in the anti-clockwise direction. The number of Bases that you run through corresponds to the number of points you will get.

Baseball Nine game mod

Develop a team

As mentioned, players will build and develop a baseball team from amateur players. Your main job is to recruit players and train them to have better stats. Besides, you can try to develop your squad by equipping and upgrading players’ skills.

Baseball nine mod game

Customize players

In addition to the famous baseball stars, you can customize the players in your own style by giving them the names or choosing their right hand. Each player is judged by specific indicators like Speed, Power, Fielding, Throwing Agility, Contact and Batting. Besides, you have the right to customize your hairstyle, beard, hat, uniform, baseball bat, gloves, etc. It makes you freely build a baseball team at will.

Baseball nine android

Join the tournament

Baseball Nine will divide players into one of 5 great competitions from low to high, including Rookie, Pro, Master, Champion and Legend. It is based on the ranking position and the player’s level to be put into a certain league. In each game, you have to compete with other players to complete the tournaments and accumulate experience for moving to higher levels.

The control mechanism

In the game, you will be in charge of management and playing games. As a pitcher, you have to make the opponent have no chance to hit the ball. There are a number of different techniques for you to do this easily:

  • FB: Quick ball.
  • Sl: Sider.
  • FRK: Throwing a fork.
  • Change-Up: change speed to fool the batter.

Playing a ball is not an easy task. It is even more difficult if you want to hit a home run. There are four basic types: Contact, Power, Left-Bunt, Right-Bunt.

Baseball nine controls

What is Baseball 9 MOD APK?

Baseball Nine is a great baseball game on mobile. However, in this article, we would like to give you a better one with more advanced features. It is BaseBall Nine APK MOD (Money, Gems, Resources), which gives players a lot of money, gems and some other resources right from the beginning of the game. Therefore, you can comfortably upgrade, unlock more players, customize the outfit… Moreover, you will have the opportunity to own more free resources for developing your dream team.

Baseball nine for android

The graphics

In addition to the above features, BaseBall 9 also has a fairly bright 3D graphics system and extremely sharp images. The players in the game are designed very cute, promises to bring more fun and special emotions for gamers.

Baseball nine apk mod



Baseball Nine is definitely a great game, which will bring the most exciting sports gaming experience. It features interesting gameplay, diverse character customizations and beautiful graphics. In this article, you can download and enjoy the best game version named BaseBall Nine APK MOD (Money, Gems, Resources). It promises to bring you more advanced features than the original version. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:
Changed the order of player attributes in the player information
Changed the name of Stamina used for Quick Result to Energy.
New pitcher’s Health name to Stamina.
Changed Skill UI.
The All-Star Game is available from the Master League.
Coach contents are available from the Pro League.
Bug fixes
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