8 best photo-editing applications in 2020

Today, there are many photo editing applications on two mobile platforms, Google Play and App Store. Each of them has professional tools, creating different effects to help users create beautiful pictures and videos. In this article, we would like to introduce to you the 8 best photo-editing applications in 2020. Even they have been very popular. Please join us to find out about them right now!

1, VSCO – A beautiful photo-editing application


VSCO is famous for the most beautiful photo colour editing application. It has diverse colour filters, various tone tones, friendly interface. In which, colour filters are always updated. This is the most-loved feature on VSCO. Also, it has been voted by Apple as one of the apps that must be on the iPhone.

VSCO owns a super nice colour gamut editing tool. Users can customize colours from vintage, vibrant, bright, bloomy… With this app, the key to creating a good picture is that you should shoot with a normal camera then go to VSCO to edit.

Currently, on App Store and CH Play, VSCO has the most downloads. Readers can download and use for free.

VSCO apk download

2, Enlight Quickshot – Add clouds to the image

Download Enlight Quickshot

Enlight Quickshot is a new photo-editing tool. Although it has just been launched, the app has been loved by many people because it inherits the interface from Enlight and Facetune of Lightricks developer. The app is highly used because of the beautiful cloud creation feature. Besides, Enlight Quickshot’s colour filters are also appreciated. Smart HDR mode automatically evaluates the ambient light to ensure the results of a sharp shot in any situation. Also, there are many colour filters – Primers, for people who love colourful life. Meanwhile, Sky Control function allows you add more clouds to your photos.

Enlight Quickshot apk download

3, Analog Film – fresh Korean colours

Download Analog Film

For those who like to edit photos with Korean style, you definitely cannot ignore the app Analog Film. It has 400 different colours for you to choose from. The app is always at the top of the most downloaded photo-editing apps on App Store and CH Play. Download Analog includes 10 different applications corresponding to these tones according to each place. They are Analog Paris, Analog Tokyo, Analog Wedding, Analog London, Analog Jeju, Analog Portland, Analog Budapest, Analog Beijing, Analog Seoul and Analog Acoustic.

Analog Film apk download

4, PicsArt – Multifunctional photo-editing tool

Download PicsArt APK MOD

PicsArt is a free photo-editing application on both Android and iOS platforms. Because of its free and powerful photo editing capabilities, PicsArt is the most popular application in the market. It has many advanced features to help you unleash your creativity on your phone without a computer. This app is also known as the “Photoshop mobile version.” Besides, the app possesses diverse colour filters and beautiful clipart, lots of unique fonts, supports 20 different languages. Therefore, it has an extensive photo editing community and has a social network to share the experience in making a perfect picture.

PicsArt apk download

5, Foodie – Food photography

Download Foodie 

Foodie is a free app on App Store and Google Play, which aims to capture images of dishes. It is a favourite app for many travellers. It is the main purpose of the app, but Foodie can do more, such as taking landscape, portrait, Selfie photography. They are also beautiful. App specializes in taking pictures for foods so the colour correction mode in Foodie is usually quite prominent and

sharp. Food pictures look delicious and attractive. In addition to taking photos, there are still features for editing ordinary images.

Foodie apk download

6, Huji Cam – Take pictures of old movies

Download Huji Cam

Huji Cam is a great app, which helps users to save precious and emotional moments as an old memory. The app produces the same old colour as the Kodak camera in the 80s. When you use Huji Cam to take pictures, it will show you the light rail that is a hot trend on Instagram or Facebook. If you love Hong Kong films, you should download Huji Cam. This app is completely free to download on App Store and Google Play.

Huji Cam apk download

7, Snapseed – Photo editing app from Google

Download Snapseed APK MOD

Snapseed is a photo-editing application from Google. After many updated versions, it has become much more powerful with many advanced features. Many art lovers and photographers love it. The application is completely free to download on both the largest mobile platforms Android and iOS. The tools are fast and easy to use. Besides, QR allows you to share your edited recipe with your friends. Detailed image processing helps your images sharper. Basic tools are cutting, joining, rotate images…

Snapseed apk download

8, Lightroom CC – Beautiful colour blend on mobile

Download Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is an interesting photo editing tool from Adobe developer. The app possesses a set of professional image editing tools, fast image cropping, colour tone correction… and lots of other advanced features. Normally, users can have full features in the free version of the app. However, if you need more, you can sign up for a monthly subscription in the app. With professional

photography mode with many algorithms of Lightroom CC, you will catch the snap and make the most use of your Camera. You should capture original quality RAW images for better editing.

Accordingly, you will edit photos according to the curve to change colour, exposure … like the computer version. Also, you can edit multiple photos by copying the editing parameters and assigning them to other photos. Moreover, users can save photos with Adobe Creative Cloud to use those photos on the web or on other Adobe applications.

Lightroom CC apk download

In general, combining a lot of different apps to edit a photo will help you get the best picture. Although we cannot download all the apps to use, we can still make a perfect picture if we master one of them

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