BlitZ: Rise of Heroes v1.9.1 APK for Android

Full NameBlitZ: Rise of Heroes
PublisherWhaleApp LTD
Mod FeaturesNot yet
Latest Version1.9.1
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is a very unique role-playing game from the developer WhaleApp LTD. In this game, players will lead the superhero team to fight the villains. With unique role-playing gameplay and beautiful graphics, BlitZ: Rise of Heroes will bring players many great gaming experiences. Besides, also provides you with the APK file of the game for free. First, join us to find out more about it right now!

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The story

In BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, the plot will closely follows the actions of the character. Each chapter will feature unique dialogues and different characters. It is said that the kingdoms of Larnes were weakened by strife and civil war. At that moment, many hostile forces arose and tried to occupy the lands in the kingdom. Many heroes have bravely stood up to protect their people from the terrible threat of the devil. However, what they did not expect were betrayal and internal division. This is the hardest thing they have to face. Guardians must keep the fire in their hearts. Otherwise, they will face doom. Surely, you will be the one to lead these heroes to the final victory.

How to play

– Fight monsters and fanatical cultists.

– Unlock new heroes and form a team of 6 heroes.

– Arrange battle formations. Pay attention to the elements that support each other in the squad. Change the formation before each match to have more reasonable tactics. Players should arrange melee heroes with high health to the top, and ranged and support heroes to the rear to avoid dying too soon.

– Manual or auto-combat mechanism. Besides, players also need to pay attention to the time of each match (only 1 minute 30 seconds).

– Win for rewards (gold coins, experience, and valuable items): The number of rewards and their value depends on how long you finish the game and how many of your heroes are alive omission.

– Equip the character with the items you earn after fighting. Also, players need to pay attention to collecting experience to have enough materials to level up their character.

– Level up equipment to increase the strength of the character.

– The way to do tasks by chapter and collect characters has many similarities with the game that we introduced, Undead World.

Blitz Rise of Heroes gameplay final

Key features

– Attend and receive daily rewards.

– Participate in a diverse mission system (daily or weekly missions).

– Large world with many lands for players to explore and rescue.

– Visit your city often to discover more unique features.

– In particular, players should pay attention to the following points:

  • Improve your warrior: In this game, players will unlock and build their characters, train and level them up, develop skills, use the best weapons and get good equipment. You can sell or buy warriors, or even eliminate duplicate heroes in Heavenly Forge. In particular, players can receive fighters as a reward for victory or exchange them for more powerful lords.
  • Upgrade weapons: Besides, you can get free weapons from daily attendance or receive rewards after battle royale. From there, you can craft and forge weapons, level them up, and upgrade their abilities and rarity. Equip your warriors with the best gear and become a master of sword crafting to build a powerful squad with plenty of good gear.
  • Build an invincible squad: Strategy is the key to victory in this game. Players need to unlock legendary heroes and upgrade them non-stop to help their army win battles. Your squad can have up to 6 characters from different factions, each with unique features. Each warrior has a rare super attack that accumulates over time depending on the damage dealt. Plan with other alliances and create unique synergies to outsmart your opponents in each round!

Blitz Rise of Heroes features


BlitZ: Rise of Heroes possesses super beautiful graphics, which can be said to be one of the role-playing games with the best graphics on the market. Besides, the movement mechanism of the characters is very flexible and lithe. Crisp picture with intuitive sound. Each action of the character has its sound. In addition, the music should be quite exciting in each battle, exuding a fierce look for each match. In addition, the effects of critical moves are also very eye-catching, making the match more interesting.

Download BlitZ: Rise of Heroes APK for free for Android

In this article, brings you the market’s earliest and most completely free APK file. Readers can download it at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this post. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Bug fixes and performance improvements


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