Boris and the Dark Survival APK (MOD,Paid) v1.13

Full NameBoris and the Dark Survival
PublisherDrew Studios
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version1.13
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Boris and the Dark Survival APK is a new horror adventure game from Drew Studios – developer of many very popular scary games like Bendy and the Ink Machine, or Bendy in Nightmare Run. Boris and the Dark Survival APK has an extremely horrified background, which is inspired by the image of an abandoned animation studio. You can see many familiar cartoon characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Redeemer. However, they will now make you feel scared. In the game, you are alone and have to deal with the scary Ink Machine to try to survive and escape from the house.

Boris and the Dark Survival apk mod download

The gameplay

In Boris and the Dark Survival APK, players play the role of a wolf Boris the Wolf – Bendy’s familiar companion in Bendy and the Ink Machine. You have to control him to adventure around the abandoned cartoon studio and pick up the items that Boris needs for surviving.

The game has a similar gameplay to the game Granny or Grandpa. Besides, you are not alone in this horror adventure journey. Ink Demon is always lurking and waiting for attacking you at any time. You have to pay attention to the sound of his heart whenever he crawls from behind and stares at you with terrifying eyes. There is no safe place in Boris and the Dark Survival. However, secrets and worthy rewards are waiting for those who like adventure.

Boris and the Dark Survival apk mod gameplay download

Search for the mystery in the darkness

Boris and the Dark Survival APK will take you into an abandoned animation studio with countless strange things. Your task is to find all the things that the game requires, unlock and exit. However, finding them is not simple, all items are located in very dark places where monsters can appear and cause you to fall out. So you have to be constantly moving, regularly checking your stamina bar and taking every opportunity to get more energy.

Boris and the Dark Survival apk mod

Discover the story of an abandoned studio

In addition to going around and looking for objects for surviving and escaping. Also, this studio contains many mysterious stories. Why is this studio deserted? Why is the Ink Demon monster in there? It is an extremely dark history of this animation studio. Gamers have to move around, keep the eyes on everything along the way. You will discover the scary story surrounding this abandoned studio.

Boris and the Dark Survival apk mod story download


Overall, Boris and the Dark Survival APK is not much different from the horror games of the same genre. The order kept repeating from searching for furniture, encountering the demon, escaping and surviving. However, what makes the game more interesting is that the movements are extremely smooth with modern control technology. Also, the game has a scary story and many mysteries that you must be very careful in observing and playing. There is no safe place in this game. However, this is the interesting thing for adventure lovers. Readers can download Boris and the Dark Survival APK for more advanced features at the end of this post.

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