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In the entertainment market today, K-Pop is one of the most popular music trends. It is not only a music aspect but also a daily life of the music stars. BTS music band is one of the well-known group, which has a huge fans number in Korea and over the world. In addition to music influence, BTS is also a great inspiration for the gaming community. Today, I would like to introduce to you a great music game named BTS World, which simulates the debut days of BTS. In the game, you will play the role of the manager, who leads the group with an impressive debut and become global superstars. Please join us to find out more about BTS World korean idols right now!

About BTS

BTS is a music boys band that has made the music world crazy. The group includes 7 talented members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungcook. They are under the management of Big Hit Entertainment. All of them are very handsome, talented and super cute. The group was founded and launched on June 13, 2013. So far, the group has achieved a lot of success not only in Korea but also around the world. Therefore, Netmarble developer designed BTS World for satisfying the music fans as well as BTS lovers. The game is highly anticipated by the gaming community.

BTS Word apk

The gameplay of BTS Word

In BTS World, you will play the role of a manager, who control and develop the band in the early stages of the group establishment. Those first days were extremely difficult for individual members. Therefore, you have to lead them so that the group has an impressive and fast debut. The ultimate goal is to become world superstars.

To do that, you will have to perform many different tasks. Especially, you have to make a good interaction among team members. Each of them has a unique personality, interests and abilities. So, you have to find out about them carefully. Besides, you can collect BTS Member Cards to chat and make friends with. Once you understand them, you will form them into a great group to complete the challenging missions. When they are developed, the group will perform effectively and promise to have an impressive debut.

BTS Word apk mod gameplay

The outstanding features of BTS Word

Bring BTS closer to the audience

In the game, you are not only responsible for managing and training team members but you must also bring BTS closer to the audience through many images that have never been published. You can watch dozens of exclusive videos along with over 10,000 photos and soundtracks of BTS boys. All have never been released before.

Chat and interact with BTS members

Besides, the game allows you to interact with members via texting or phone calls, etc. Many stories, dialogues and video calls that you will make with BTS members. Besides, you can discover a lot of interesting story contents, which attracts gamers a lot. You can even listen to the secret of BTS.

BTS Word apk mod call

Collect and upgrade cards

In the game, you have to complete quests, collect and upgrade cards to help you better understand every aspect of each member. In particular, the photos are all about the idols and their own stories. Thereby, we will see the cuteness of these guys. Especially for the Army – BTS fan community, this experience is indeed very attractive.

BTS Word apk mod BTS

The game guideline

Step 1: After downloading the game, you will continue to download other parts of the game with a capacity of more than 500MB. The download process is quite long that you are not allowed to turn off the screen when downloading data.

Step 2: After finish downloading the data, you will receive a message from the manufacturer. In which, you will then be asked to send any comment to the manufacturer to play the game. At this point, gamers can click Post Your Comment to comment. Finally, you click the Start Game button to start playing the game.

Step 3: Next, you can name your account then press OK to use this name.

Step 4: Then, we go to Stage 1 of the game. The first level of the game is very simple. Gamers just need to tap the screen to switch to the next interface.

Step 5: We will receive the card as BTS member manager, so you have completed Stage 1 of the game already.

Step 6: Click Skip to exit the introduction interface. Finally, you come to the main interface of the game. It is divided into many different parts through the Chapters. Each of them consists of small Stages representing each stage of formation and development of BTS.

At this point, you can click on Stage 2 to play. After that, the talented leader of BTS, Kim Namjun will guide you to play the game.

Through each mission, if the players complete, they will receive 1 card of the members of the BTS. The first level recreates the process of becoming a BTS group, from contracting with members and orienting group development, shaping the style…

Instructions for management registration of BTS Word

Step 1: Gamers can access the liek below to register for the management of BTS. Register for BTS:

Step 2: In the homepage interface, you click Pre-register in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Display new content to select registration information. Users need to select the operating system for the device that wants to download the game. Then, you enter your personal email address and check the “I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” to agree to all the terms of the game.

After that, gamers can click Apply to be the manager of BTS World to complete the early registration BTS World.

Step 4: At that time, we receive a message that we have registered to manage BTS successfully. The player has the option to do the test to select the member that he will control. We can interact virtually with a BTS member. You can click BTS DNA Test to take the test.

Step 5: The test is only very simple questions, related to the daily preferences of a certain member. Please select your answer then click Next. The result will be a BTS member that is under your control. If you want to try again, you press Take Again. Below are 3 options to share results on Facebook, Twitter and Line.

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BTS is a great music game, which reconstructed the process of 8 years of operation and hard-working time of BTS Korean idols. As a manager, players need to perform tasks and challenges to complete the main goal of making BTS the leading artist worldwide. According to some information from the manufacturer, BTS World is designed to bring players closer to the group. Wherever you are, you can interact with members through an interactive 1:1 system. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Thanks and have fun!

New Updates:

– Miscellaneous error fixes and feature improvements

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