Bullet Echo MOD APK v4.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

Full NameBullet Echo
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version4.8.1
RequireAndroid 6.0+
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Bullet Echo MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very popular action shooter game from the developer ZeptoLab. Currently, it is available on Android and IOS platforms. With pleasant animated graphics and cool character designs, this game promises to bring you lots of interesting experiences. Please join us to find more about the game right now!

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About the developer ZeptoLab

ZeptoLab is a familiar game maker with many mobile users. They are famous for games that require mind and intelligence like Cut The Rope, CATS: Crash Arena… Bullet Echo is not an exception. Therefore, it always makes players excited and wants to experience it immediately. All the games of this developer are designed friendly and always make gamers interested.

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New Battle Royale gameplay

Bullet Echo is a Battle Royale game, so there will certainly be specializing mechanisms and elements in this genre. Specifically, players will still have a solo mode or team up with other players. Your most important goal is to be the last survivor or team on the map. ZeptoLab still does not forget to put the BO circle or loot mechanism in this game so that players do not find it too strange compared to other Battle Royale games.

However, the map looting mechanism has changed a bit to better suit mobile phones. Instead of having to pick up each chest and choose the right item for you, Bullet Echo will have its loot boxes, including weapons, ammunition, blood and armour. You just need to be faster than other people to get to the right place. The system will equip you completely automatically. At this point, I appreciate ZeptoLab because it minimizes the loot mechanism, which can help players who have never tried the Battle Royale genre to quickly understand and approach games easily.

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Weapon and characters systems in Bullet Echo MOD APK

The weapons you loot will not be as diverse and free as other Battle Royale games. Also, the Bullet Echo’s firing mechanism is completely automatic. So, you just need to control the gun in the direction you want it to fire. One thing you need to note is that the game has 2 modes of movement: slow and fast. If you move quickly, both cause the enemy to detect you, and just make the bullets fly around and hit the target. Besides, moving slowly will help you fire better.

Bullet Echo mod apk hero download

New perspective

Instead of the first or third view, Bullet Echo will have a top-down view. However, this view will not allow the player to cover the entire map because the surrounding will be dark. What the player sees will be within the light of the flashlight. This is what we find most interested in this game. You will not know who will attack you, cannot see your surroundings. Therefore, you will always have to be careful in every step. As the name of the game, Bullet Echo, every noise you make at the wrong time can become fatal. Because the view is top-down, the player’s viewfinder will be replaced by a red light strip, within the scope of the flashlight. Each weapon will have a different red range, symbolizing the range that your gun can shoot. For example, Shotgun will have a closer range and rifles will have a longer range. Combined with the surrounding darkness should make Bullet Echo more challenging to the player.

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The graphics and sound

Bullet Echo’s graphics are designed in 2D animation so you won’t expect an environment with depth, or detailed characters or weapons. ZeptoLab always minimizes everything possible, and only focuses on perfecting the gameplay experience. At this point, Bullet Echo still has a graphic background with nice colours, characters with relatively interesting shapes.

As for the sound, Bullet Echo will not have fun background music like other games of the company. At the beginning of the match, it brings a quiet atmosphere. Only the footsteps of the player and occasional gunfire rang out somewhere. If you wear a good enough headset, the gun’s echo will also allow you to determine the direction of your opponent and teammates. Moreover, the game still has the full sound effects of loot, change bullets…

Bullet Echo mod apk graphics download


Overall, Bullet Echo MOD APK is a fascinating game, which is something you cannot deny. There are many interesting things in this game such as new gameplay, perspective and movement. They are also different from other games of the same genre. Moreover, we would like to introduce to you the MOD version of the game. It will provide you with more advanced features by unlocking everything and removing Ads to bring you the best gaming experience. Readers can download the game at the link below.

New updates:

We added new customization options and ways to express yourself in the game. Use stickers during the battle and customize tombstones for the enemies you defeated!

Bravery Road is now unlocked! Open the game to see the details.

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