CamToPlan Pro APK (MOD Premium) v3.6

Full NameCamToPlan
PublisherTasmanic Editions
Mod FeaturesMOD Pro
Latest Version3.6
RequireAndroid 7.0+
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CamToPlan Pro APK (MOD Premium) is a great and free measurement application from Mael Inc. It is convenient that you can do with your mobile device camera.  So far, it has had more than hundreds of thousands of downloads on Google Play. With CamToPlan Pro APK, users can measure distance, width, area in seconds and easily export data like documents or files.

What is the benefit of CamtoPlan Pro APK?

CamToPlan brings a huge change your way of measuring by using augmented reality technology. In reality, you also have a measuring tape, but it is quite inconvenient that you cannot take it every time. Therefore, CamToPlan provides you with a great way of measuring by using tap on your mobile device screen in true 3D. You can measure the length of baseboards, wall length, the dimensions of the furniture, the size of carpet… There is no need to crawl on the ground to see the measurement. It is even simpler than using a ruler or a laser sight.

Through CamToPlan Pro APK, users can also calculate the area (square meters or square feet) and draw a map of the room based on all collected data. In particular, just with a tap on the screen, you can share this diagram via email or via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +…

Moreover, you do not need to move furniture to another location when trying to measure floor or walls because the app automatically recognizes the intersection between the floor and the destination, even if it is behind an object. In good conditions, the measurement error is usually within 2%. These conditions are sufficient light, uniform object surface, no reflection of light. Also, CamToPlan Pro APK will analyze images on film and need to rely on the automatic identification details on these pictures.

CamtoPlan Pro APK use

We can summarize the key features of CamtoPlan Pro APK as follows:

  • Application to measure distance through the camera
  • Any object can be measured without moving them
  • Calculate the object area
  • Measure the distance behind the object
  • Low measurement error
  • Easy to install and use

CamtoPlan Pro APK download

Some notes when using CamtoPlan Pro APK:

CamToPlan Pro APK only measures the distance horizontally (= ground), not vertically.

Users do not need to move furniture out of the room for measurement. Indeed, the application automatically determines the intersection between the floor and the destination, even if it is behind the things.

You can safely move while making measurements closer to the point you are aiming at. Thereby, you can determine that point with the most accurate, even if this point is hidden and needs to be determined by extrapolation.

In good condition, the measurement error is usually within 2%. These conditions are bright enough, structured floor (uneven), no reflective floor. Indeed, this application will analyze the images on film and need to rely on the details automatically identified on these images.

This application is compatible with most mobile devices running Android and IOS.

CamtoPlan Pro APK note


Overall, CamToPlan Pro APK is a revolutionary 3D and virtual reality technology. This application can measure anything you want. Now, you can remove the rudimentary measuring instrument. Readers can download CamtoPlan Pro APK at the link below. If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment at the end of this post. Thanks and have fun!

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