How to change the Country Region of App Store & Google Play Store

How to change the Country Region of App Store and Google Play Store

Sometimes, we visit App Store and CH Play to download applications or games but cannot find applications to download. This is because the app is not in a region or a supported Country where you registered your account. Therefore, it would be that best for users to transfer App Store and Android addresses from your country to other countries for downloading the application or game you want.

Changing the Country area will be done right on your device without creating a new account, or installing any other supporting applications. If you do not know how to do it, please follow the instructions of GAMEFLASH.VN below:


• Open Play Store on Android devices.

• Slide the menu to the left and select Account.

• If you have the right to access the country conversion option, you will see the Country and profiles in this menu.

• Click on this Country category and select a new country; continue to follow the prompts to add a new payment method for your current country if it is needed.

• Review the warning reminder and accept the changes. Once you have changed the country, you can now browse Play Store for that area. Changes may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

• Not everyone has the option to change this country. This option is only displayed if you were previously in a country (based on IP address). This means you cannot simply transfer Play Store to any country you want.

• If you use the Family Library feature on Google Play, you also won’t see Play Store area change option.


Note: When changing the location in your Play Store, you must be aware of a few important points, including:

• First, you can no longer use the old payment method. Instead, you must use a new method in the country where you live. After the conversion, you also cannot spend the remaining balance in Google Play from the old country, including any gift cards you have not used, as well as the credits earned from the Google Opinion Awards.

• The second, gamers can only change the country in their Play Store once a year. You can access the same menu again to change it back to the old country after this time. Because of all this, you should only change the country in Play Store if you actually move to a new country and plan to stay at least one year. Although you can do this by using a VPN, it is not worth doing just to access a few other applications. You will be “locked” into Play Store outside your resident for a while. This will be an unpleasant experience.

Instead, you should try to use the best Google Play alternatives to find apps that are not available on Play Store. We will try to update you as much as possible, so you can confidently fix when an issue comes to your account.

For iOS

At the main interface of the iPhone, you can go to Settings. Then, you click the item iTunes & Appstore.

In the new interface, you will see your Apple ID address. Please click the Apple ID item and select View Apple ID.

ios1 ios 2

Then, the device will ask you for the password for the account. Soon you will be redirected to the Account interface. In which, you can click on Country/Region.

ios4 ios3

After that, you click on Change Country or Region to confirm the changes.


Then the app will appear the Country supported list for iOS. We can select the country we want to change and click Next.


Account interface and conditions will appear when you proceed to change the Country region. At this point, please click Agree to that information and continue to click Agree to confirm.

ios7 ios8

Next, please fill in the following information:

  • Billing Infomation: select None.
  •  iTunes Gift Cards and iTune Gifts: you can skip, or enter in the Code box if you actually have the iTunes Gift code.
  • Title: Enter the style of address you want to be called (Mr, Mrs, or Ms).
  • First Name, Last Name: Your name.
  • Two Address boxes: Please enter the address.
  • Postcode: the postal code.
  • City: name of the city.
  • State: State name
  • Phone: Phone number with exact area code.



Finally, please click Next to finish the operation of changing the App Store Country area for iOS devices.

Besides, for accounts that still have Balance (accounts with credits), you cannot perform roaming. Apple will notify you that you must use up the remaining amount in your account before you can make roaming.So you can download any app or game on the App Store, even with an unsupported app in your Country

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