Data Wing APK v1.5.1

Full NameData Wing
PublisherDan Vogt
Mod FeaturesNot yet
Latest Version1.5.1
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Data Wing for Android is a great racing game that runs according to a unique storyline from Dan Vogt producer. Instead of driving the racing cars on the street, the player will control the super spaceship, hovering in the space filled with brilliant neon colors. In which, you can break things your way to achieve the goal. Although Data Wing has just been released, it is currently very hot on the mobile game market with more than 1 million users worldwide.

Data Wing APK

The story

The game has a unique storyline. In which, Data Wing provides important data for the entire computer system, following the unconditional control of the AI ​​named Mother. But when the system is attacked and Mother went wrong, you have to do your best to save it and your game.

The gameplay

Data Wing is an interesting simulation race inside the computer system, so everything is very small and dark. The player’s task is to control a “spaceship” that transmits information to the entire system through all 40 levels, consuming at least 2 hours of playing. In each level, you will overcome various challenges such as racing against time, completing circuit boards or dodging dangerous obstacles, penetrating the great gravity environment. In addition, the game’s control mechanism is quite simple with only two touch buttons to turn left or turn right. However, in order to win, players need to have good reaction speed.

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The highlights of Data Wing

New racing game

Data Wing is really a curious game in many different ways. At first sight, you might not expect this to be a speed racing game because the graphics are somewhat dark, in which everything is very small from the track to the spacecraft. However, it is the most interesting feature that makes the game popular. In the game, you are racing at a computer system that is known as your racing arena. This will give players a sense of excitement when they discover a computer system.

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Control mechanism

In addition, Data Wing has a simple control mechanism, in which players only need to turn left, turn right, and brake. Time and position are almost factors that determine success in every challenge. Basically, the control mechanism encourages players to race with dexterity and smartness to get to the safe exit as quickly as possible.

The graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Data Wing has a very simple graphic design. The game maker has optimized the design so that it is similar to a computer screen which makes players easy to get used to it after only a few minutes. Besides, the sound system is also designed to be simple throughout Mother’s adventure, the voice – guiding you through the journey. The soundtrack is not too special when it is just a game or a crash sound. However, it helps you focus more on the main flow of the game.

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The key features

  • Control system with two intuitive touch buttons.
  • Intuitive race, focusing on getting rid of the confines of the walls.
  • The game’s duration lasts more than 2 hours with over 40 levels.
  • Competitive system to win crowns, private keys, and achievement rankings.

The information of Data Wing APK

Data Wing apk mod


Although the game is a simple design, Data Wing requires Android up to 5.0 or higher. Because the game has 40 races and many challenges, your mobile device must have a good enough device to avoid lag. The game is released for free. In version 1.5.1, we provide you with Data Wing MOD APK (Money) with special edits that will satisfy you the most.

New update:

– Resolved an issue with saved files and lost data in European cultures (!!!).
– Resolved an issue with levels being inaccessible in the level select (related to above).
– I’ve migrated DATA WING to a modern version of Unity. Please let me know if anything looks or sounds broken!

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