Dealer’s Life Pawn Shop Tycoon MOD APK v1.26

Full NameDealer's Life Pawn Shop Tycoon
PublisherAbyte Entertainment Ltd
Mod FeaturesNot yet
Latest Version1.26
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Dealer’s Life Pawn Shop Tycoon is a fun game where you manage your own pawn shop. In the game, you can freely haggle with customers to buy and sell infinitely generated items. Besides, players also enjoy happy moments around their trading. Many people could sit for hours, using all their negotiation, psychology, and management skills to create a pawn empire. Thanks to content changes, special characters, and random events, you never know what’s coming. This makes the game very exciting. Join us now!

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How to play

In Dealer’s Life Pawn Shop Tycoon, players will play the role of a pawn shop’s owner. As you know its essence, you just buy cheap and sell high. Sometimes, you have to use a lot of tricks to avoid trouble. Specifically, you have to rent a store, and receive customers to sell and buy goods. Besides, gamers will have the right to bargain the price, buy or not buy, and sell or not sell. As we said above, this keeps players engaged. When you buy a good item at a very low price but sell it for a very high price, you feel great. Also, you will have to take care of many other things on the sidelines that are extremely important such as the police, and store maintenance … In this game, there is a guy who often comes to insist you participate in betting games. Usually, you will lose so just ignore that guy. Another tip for you when talking to the police. He usually asks for money or makes you lose any 2 random items in your shop. If you have a lot of valuable things, you should pay cash to avoid losing them, and vice versa.

Dealer’s Life Pawn Shop Tycoon gameplay

Key features

– Infinite items to buy and sell, all procedurally generated, with fake and fake items to avoid (or exploit!)
– Infinite clients to bargain with, each with its own personality and looks, all procedurally generated. You will manage to recognize their personality just by looking at them. Thousands of unique clients, with unique behaviors and characteristics: all behave differently during negotiations according to their unique psychological traits expressed in their physical appearance. It is up to you. With the help of your Insight character, to understand who you are in front of you, how to treat them, when to push and when you will have to accept their offer.
– The most technically advanced negotiation engine you’ve ever seen Be the smartest and fastest bidder and beat your rivals to buy prestige items in exciting auctions!
– Customize your character skills and play different games depending on what you decide to increase, and find the game style that suits you best.
– Manage your pawn shop Features: inventory tracking, location in town, the maximum number of customers per day, and much more
– Hire staff to help you with your work: find the best professionals, restorers, profilers, analysts, secretaries, and many others. Buy, repair, estimate, and resell for huge profits!
– Random events, recurring characters, and different game endings will make each game a unique experience!
– Lots of humor and quotes from hit movies and video games
– Try to accumulate enough money to move to a new pawn shop with a better look and better city location: your number of daily customers will definitely increase! And keep your inventory full of items, and collect legendary items to attract even more customers!

Dealer’s Life Pawn Shop Tycoon features


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