Dot n Beat APK MOD – Magic Music Game v1.9.37

Dot n Beat MOD APK is a unique addictive music game with impressive action gameplay based on exciting music. In which, your task is to use your skilful fingers to move on the phone screen for creating the interesting music rhythms in your style. The song is a combination of many types of music written by the best independent musicians in the world. Let’s together with to check the appealing features of Dot n Beat right now!

Dot n Beat apk

The gameplay

Unlike the traditional music games with black and white piano notes like Snow Magic Piano Tiles, Piano Magic Tiles 2018 or Piano Black Tiles, the funny game Dot n Beat for Android possesses incredibly new gameplay. In the game, you need to control a ball to jump from one position to another according to the rhythm of the song.

You follow the beats and control the direction of a ball by touching the screen. Gamers just listen to the songs and move the ball to get a higher score and more diamonds.

Dot n Beat game android

Create music your way

Moving your fingers will be a way to create a piece of music. It is very easy, so you can create unique music, become a rhythm master with just a few minutes of great music. Your game will create many different mixes.

Great songs

In Dot n Beat game, you will experience a lot of songs from famous singers that make you excited. The game will feature a fast-paced mode that makes it impossible to stop playing. Besides, the in-game songs are constantly selected and updated. You will surely not be bored anymore.

Dot n Beat android

Compete with friends

Dot n Beat has different game modes like single player, play with available music or create a new one your way. But the most attractive game mode is multiplayer, in which you can play with friends or other players. Also, the game has a ranking board that publishes your achievements and other players. You have to try to beat your friends to get the top position.

Diverse level system

Dot n Beat has an extremely large challenge system with increasing difficulty level. First, you will feel the melody is quite slow, as well as the challenges are not so hard. However, the longer you play the game, the more difficult the game will be. It requires your hands to be flexible.

Dot n Beat apk game

The game is suitable for all ages

Dot n Beat is quite easy to and attractive gameplay. Also, it does not include violent or sensitive situations. Besides, the game is completely free.


Those mentioned above will definitely give you a great idea about the most entertaining game at the moment. Let’s quickly download Dot n Beat APK at the end of the post right now! Thanks and have a fun game!

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