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Full NameAuto Chess
PublisherDragonest Games
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Latest Version2.14.2
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Auto Chess (or Dota Auto Chess) is a new custom game mode based on the Dota 2 platform, which is developed by a Chinese studio. Since its launch, Auto Chess has collected hundreds of thousands of downloads from gamers. This number is still increasing rapidly in the upcoming time. Thanks to the presence of Auto Chess and Auto Chess, DOTA 2 become very hot despite being in an outdated stage.

Auto Chess Mobile apk

The gameplay of Auto Chess

Auto Chess is currently a custom map of Dota 2. In each game, there are 8 players with 100% HP each. They will fight against each other. The winner is the last remaining HP on the map. The top 3 players will be rewarded with Candy (the in-game currency).

In addition, each player will have a chessboard with their own chess pieces. The goal is to combine them and arrange formation to compete with another player every round (random arrangement). Of course, the winner is the one who remains the chess pieces on the table. If you win, you will be rewarded with gold as well as deducted from your opponent’s HP and vice versa.

Formula minus: HP = Number of stars of the remaining pieces + the number of soldiers summoned.

At the moment, Candy is only for rolling out the courier with special effects in the game.

You can refer to the article: How to play Auto Chess Mobile.

Auto Chess Mobile GAMEPLAY

The key features

Innovative and creative gameplay

As mentioned above, Auto Chess has completely different gameplay from previous Dota versions. By collecting/changing hero cards and arranging different teams, 8 players will participate in competitions in matches lasting 10 minutes. Millions of players are challenging each other every day, making Dota Auto Chess gradually become one of the most popular entertainment games today.

Strategy for dominating the world

Players will receive random heroes in Sharing Cardpool and create special teams based on unique strategies like developing, cooperating or fighting. Besides, Auto Chess allows you to practice and develop your strategy on a big scale. The player who adapts well to the dense “wave” of tactics will be the last survivor.

Auto Chess Mobile apk game

The heroes system

Auto Chess Mobile generals are divided into 13 races and 10 character classes. Each character or race class has effects on the team. This part will be clearly stated in a specific article. Between rounds of competition, the player may receive items if they win the boss battles. Each hero has 6 items. Therefore, you need to select the appropriate items for each general to get the best effect.

Auto Chess Mobile CHAMP

Candy (the exclusive in-game currency)

You can earn Candy daily by standing at the top of every 3 matches. Every day, you can only receive a maximum of 10 Candies. In addition, you can buy Candy in the market. In addition, Auto Chess has a rank system according to chess pieces: Pawn <Knight <Bishop <Rook <King <Queen. With each rank, there are 9 levels from 1-9, except King and Queen have only 1 level only.

Auto Chess Mobile CANDY

Easy controls

Auto Chess Mobile is the mobile version, so it is optimized for touch screens. You can easily make requests, arrange generals with the easy drag and drop operations on the touch screen.


In addition to playing PvP mode in real-time, players can participate in other game modes. Besides, the game also has a lot of challenges for players to complete and get great rewards.

The 3D graphics with great viewing angles

Auto Ches Mobile has great graphics with cartoon characters. This is a big difference from the PC version. In addition, the battle of the game takes place on a virtual map with an area of ​​8 × 8 (simulating chess tables). In which, players will observe the game from a top-down perspective. However, we appreciate that it is suitable for a mobile game.

Auto Chess Mobile GRAPHICS

How to download and install Auto Chess APK

Step 1: You can click on this Auto Chess Mobile download link then the game will automatically download the APK.

Step 2: Once Auto Chess Mobile has finished downloading, gamers click on the APK file to install it. Next, if Auto Chess requires access to the media on your device, please click Install.

Step 4: When you access the game and see the login requirement as in the picture below, you register the Dragonet account on the homepage. You can click on the homepage link of Zizouqi then select Register in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Type your email account, image identification, verification code. In the verification code section, click Receive confirmation code then this confirmation code will be sent to the email entered above.

Step 6: Next, enter your password, select Accept, accept the terms of Dragonet and click Register now. If the game requires confirmation of your account at email, please go back to the email to confirm.

Auto Chess Mobile apk mod


Auto Chess Mobile is one of the best games on mobile at the moment. The publisher used the materials from Dota 2 skillfully to create new gameplay and great graphics. So far, this game has been more successful than other products of the same category. If players want to fully experience Auto Chess, install Dota 2 on Steam. According to the announcement from the publisher, Dota Auto Chess Mobile will be released for free and supports devices running Android. Besides, the game also requires your device with a minimum of 2G RAM and 350 Mb of free memory as well as a stable network connection for a smooth gaming experience. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

New update:

【New Hero】
1. Dualplot
Qualities: Legend
Race: Pandaman Clan
Type: Martialist System

【New season】
1. The new S16 season will begin at 23:00:00 on January 16, lasting 8 weeks and ending at 22:59:59 on March 13, 2022.
2. Add new season ultimate champion-Baby Panda

【Battle Pass】
1. Battle Pass season S15 will end at 22:59:59 on January 16, players pay attention to watch.

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