Dragon City mod apk v22.8.0 (One Hit)

Full NameDragon City
Mod FeaturesOne Hit
Latest Version22.8.0
RequireAdroid 4.4+
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Dragon City is a great game from the developer Social Point. It is about the life of humans and dragons in a city called Dragon City. In which, we can raise dragons like pets, train them, and ride them to every corner of the world. If you love dragons and want to create an island for raising dragons, you should play Dragon City. Currently, the game has reached over 100 million downloads on Google Play. Moreover, you can now play this game on Facebook.

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Dragon City APK MOD download

Building a happy city

In this game, your main task is to build and develop a beautiful dragon island flying in the sky. You can freely build and decorate the island. At the beginning of the game, you have to clean everything to give you enough space for development. After that, you can expand the area of the island. Besides, dragons are divided into many different types such as fire, water, earth, nature, thunder… Based on these elements, you need to build the right habitat for hatching the eggs.

Dragon City APK MOD city download

Collect dragons

In addition, gamers can collect dragons. The maximum number can be up to 500 species and continuously increases after each update. Your collection is called Dragon Book, which will contain the full names of dragons, skills and more specifications. There is no story about dragons or why we need to build an army of dragons. However, when you get a rare dragon egg and wait until the egg hatch, it is wonderful.

Each dragon has many different stages of evolution. They can evolve when they reach the required level. After evolving, your dragon is greatly enhanced, in which you can unlock a special skill. Besides, do not forget to equip them with gems via the Rune feature.

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Dragon City APK MOD collect download

Create rare dragons in Dragon City mod apk

In addition to collecting 500 species of dragons, the game will also allow players to create new types from eggs. You can bread between two dragons to create a new species with the properties of its parents. For example, when you cross between a fire dragon and a water dragon, you will get another dragon that has both fire and water skills. In addition to the normal elements, Dragon City also has many rare elements such as legend, darkness, light, rainbow… Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time completing the Dragon Book collection and becoming a dragon master.

Dragon City APK MOD dragon download

Dragon arenas

After you reach the required level, the game allows you to enter the PvP arena. This is where you use your strongest dragons to fight other players’ dragons or game AI. You will get many valuable rewards like gold and dragon eggs when you win the match.

Besides, the game allows you to use up to 3 dragons in a match. When choosing your squad, you should rely on the element of the opponent’s dragons. For example, a water dragon is not a bad choice when the opponent has many fire dragons. Also, don’t forget to use the orbs in each match, you can see how your dragon is powered up.

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In addition to the above features, Dragon City mod apk also has beautiful 3D graphics with impressive images and great sound effects. Dragon City is a very interesting game that allows you to raise dragons in your city. It is definitely a perfect game for dragon lovers, who want to own rare dragons. Readers can download the game at the end of this post. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

– Support for pending content updates
– Technical improvements
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