The major changes of Teamfight Tactics v10.6

Finally, Teamfight Tactics Mobile Season 2 has closed. It opened a new era of Infinite Galaxy. In the meantime, Riot has also released the Mobile version of this game. In season 3 (v10.6), gamers will continue to be refreshed almost everything. In which, the general list will be more diverse. Besides, the interface will be upgraded with a lot of interesting features, which has made Teamfight Tactics and Teamfight Tactics Mobile more and more popular at the moment. Please see the section below for the major changes of Teamfight Tactics v10.6:

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Change the items selection

• Gold Shovel is back but you only have a very low rate to get it

• Small items will appear before the 5th round

• Large equipment will appear from the 6th round

Change amount of gold

• Passive gold changed from round to round 1-2-5-4-5-5 to 0-2-2-3-4-5-5

• The mid-range gold box and the champion box cannot fall during the first two rounds of the PVE mode

• Hero 3 gold box percentage will be reduced by level (70% / 25% / 5% / 0% / 0%) to (70% / 30% / 0% / 0% / 0%)

• Gold of the continuous win series: 2-3 (1g), 4-6 (2g), 7+ (3g) to 2-3 (1g), 4-5 (2g), 6+ (3g)

• Gold of the continuous win series will only be credited in the PvE round

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Changes in damage to players

• Basic damage after each round from 0/2/3/4/5/6/7 into 0/3/4/6/10/14/20.

• Damage to opponents based on the number of champions and the level of surviving champions is now only counted as +1 damage/champion, regardless of 1 star or 3-star champion.

Chess – How to play, how to fight will change significantly

• melee champions will now move slightly earlier than long-range champions.

• Chess will move more flexibly than before

• If a champion is within range of an attacker and leaves that position, the attacker will only move 1 square to pursue. If the attacked hero is out of range, the attacker will aim at another target.

• The additional Mana corresponding the skills with the hero of 1 star to 3 stars will change from 8/10/12> to 10.

• The deep wound effect will reduce the healing effect from 80% to 50%.

• Each hero has a skill that increases its magic damage, which can increase the champion’s health, healing ability, and shield.

General change

• Level 7 champions: From (20% / 30% / 33% / 15% / 2%) into (20% / 30% / 33% / 16% / 1%)

• Neeko’s help reduces the chance of dropping from all boxes by 35%

• Increased the rate of Gold Shovels falling from a gold box

Old equipment has been modified

• Bloodthirster: HP recover is reduced from 50% to 35%

• Deathblade: Stack starting from 1 to 3

• Giant Slayer: Increases damage from 9% to 12% of enemy champions’ HP.

• Hextech Gunblade increases the percent of sucking the enemy’s HP from 33> 35%

• Ionic Spark: Decreases 50% of the magic resistance of nearby enemy heroes and does not stack.

• Quicksivel: Previously, the game gave players all resistance control effects. But it is only the first 10 seconds at the moment.

• Rabadon’s Deathcap: AP reduction reduced from 75%> 50%

• Redemption: Automatically restoring 800 HP to the entire team when a champion wears this equipment dies.

• Runaan’s Hurricane: Secondary bullet damage increased from 60% to 70%

• Statikk Shiv: Reduces bouncing damage from 85> 70 per jump hit.

• Warmog’s Armor: Reduces HP recovery from 6%> 5% HP. Maximum of 150 HP/hit

• Zeke’s Herald: Attack speed increased from 15% to 18%

• Zphyr: Expulsion time reduced from 6s to 5s.

Changes in generals – clan – system in version 10.6

TFT v10.6 can be said to be the biggest update ever when the list of generals, class, and clans has been greatly changed. Riot game has been replacing a lot of generals. Besides, they are adding and upgrading designs for them. Below is a list of generals, clans, and their numbers. I wish you high rankings in both PC and Mobile versions.

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