Evil Nun APK v1.8.0 (MOD Money, No Ads)

Full NameEvil Nun
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
Mod FeaturesMoney, No Ads
Latest Version1.8.0
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Evil Nun APK is an interesting horror game that was inspired by Valak character in the famous thrilling film series The Conjuring and The Nun. Unlike the horror survival games on the phone that require the skill of the player, Evil Nun will bring you a true horror game title.

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The game content

It was unclear why you got lost in a haunted school, where the evil god was controlling. To save your life, you have to find a way to escape from this place. However, this is a hard journey. This is strange for the scene in the school. Besides, you have to run, hide. Otherwise, you will lose the game. In Evil Nun, to escape safely from a ghost school, players need to know more about those ghosts. Their ears are very sensitive that can hear all the smallest noises. So, you should be careful not to make noise. Otherwise, you will attract the ghost’s attention. Besides, the ghost is sometimes distracted. You should take advantage of this. Also, you can take advantage of the desk, file cabinets … to hide as well as to avoid ghosts’ detection.

Evil Nun apk mod content

Runaway from the ghost

As mentioned above, the ghosts have an extremely scary ability. She can hear all the slightest noises. Eventually, it is just an unintentional footstep, a drop of cuffs. If she sees you not in the room, a hammer will fall right into your head. Every time you get caught, you will need to wait until the next day to continue your escape plan. If you get caught up to the 7th time, you will be punished by the nun in the way of Satan.

When running away from this scary school, you have to solve the puzzles to find more clues about escape and more. Puzzles can appear anywhere in the school. By searching and using items such as keys, holy water cups, etc., you can answer difficult questions and discover mysteries underneath the school.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that you cannot damage or defeat the ghost. In the game, you can only escape, hide and decode. This is a loop. Besides, there will be no autonomy here. Passive and fearful are all you can feel. Good luck!

Evil Nun apk mod gameplay

Mysterious laundry room

If you are locked up in a school full of demons and death, all you have to do is escaping as quickly as possible. But there’s something even more horrible in the laundry room. It could be a cemetery, a shady plot, a secret path or a map to get you out of this place. Before trying to escape, you should explore all the corners in this school.

Evil Nun apk mod room

Different difficulty and ghost mode

If you have overcome the challenge of escaping for the first time, don’t rush to win. Evil Nun has 3 different levels of difficulty. At a higher level of difficulty, you will get more challenges. It is not easy for you to pass.

Besides, the Ghost mode is very special. When in the form of ghosts, players will not be able to be seen, completely free to move, perform puzzle without fear of being detected. Sometimes, you can look at her directly.

Evil Nun apk mod

The graphics and sound of Evil Nun APK

Evil Nun APK is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics, a picture of a typical horror game. From the pool of blood, the dried corpses…, they are very authentic that give players a true fear. It can be said that the best part of Evil Nun is the sound system. The heavy steps of the nun, screams, laughs, intimidations will sometimes startle you and stop your heart a second.

Evil Nun apk mod graphics


After many updates, the storyline of Evil Nun has finally been completed. From now on, players can explore the plot thoroughly without waiting for updates from the game maker. If you are looking for a perfect horror, violent game but also require intelligence, Evil Nun is a great choice. If you are at home alone at midnight, this game might be a very bad choice. Wish you have really interesting experiences with Evil Nun and gameflash.vn. Thanks and have fun!

New update:

– Escape from school through the new route by the sewers.
– Discover new details about the story of Nàzrat and the grail.
– Meet the new enemy lurking around the sewers.
– We’ve made the shop bigger so you can customize even more Evil Nun’s behaviour and appearance, even change your room’s decoration and the school as you wish.
– Bug fixes and overall optimization.

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