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Overview of FIFA Soccer

As usual, the end of the annual FIFA Soccer season is an opportunity for players to prepare squads before EA launches a new version. This year, FIFA Soccer (season 4) is scheduled for release in September. It is the same day as FIFA Soccer is released on PC and mobile. Currently, FIFA Soccer has improved in terms of interface, gameplay, and content after each season. Let’s together with to find it out right now!

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FIFA Mobile 2020 BETA apk

Game mode

Gamers can join and experience Classic Mode – match 1vs1 with another player. Besides, you can participate in Attack and Head to Head modes as well as can compete with AI to get more rewards. In the game, you have to complete goals to earn points and level up on the Leaderboard. Also, you can regularly log in to the game to receive rewards after every 6 hours based on OVR ratings. This is also a long goal.

The graphics

In addition, the graphics of FIFA Soccer will be significantly upgraded. In which, the movements of the player will be smooth; the facial expressions will be more natural; the dancing posture will be added to celebrate the goal. Besides, the developer also pays attention to the physical movements of the players. All skills from the ball, run, or a dispute will be harder, more realistic, and require more elements coming from the player. Besides, the control mechanism will be more invested.

FIFA Mobile 2020 BETA apk graphics

How to play FIFA Soccer

You will first download FIFA Soccer at our link in this article. Next, you enter the game and start playing.

Right from the first interface, we can see the impressive color of this mobile sports game, tap “Tap to Play” to start playing.

Touch and hold the green square then select your age (Select your Age) and touch Confirm.

Because it is still in Beta, we are only allowed to play with Guest-Guest mode.

Next, press Enter User Name in the “Enter a Name” section to name your team. Team names are limited to 12 characters. After naming, tap

Continue” to continue.

Some information and notices about the game appear before the game starts. Just tap “Continue” a few times until the notification closes.

Finally, the FIFA 2020 Mobile icon appears. You can touch it to start.

Basic operations and skills:

  • Shoot – Catch the ball: For Strikers and Goalkeepers
  • Pass the ball: All players
  • Passing – Shooting: All players

Every time a training course is completed, the player receives a player’s card. But when the 3rd course is completed, we can immediately receive the remaining 9 players to be able to form a complete squad and play.

FIFA Mobile 2020 BETA apk game

How to enter a match in FIFA Soccer

  • Step 1: Select the Home icon (the house image) in the upper right corner of the screen then touch My Team.
  • Step 2: Tap “Continue” to select the competition squad (the default squad is 4-3-3).
  • Finally (Step 3): Double-check the team before the game starts.

Control Mechanism

The game will automatically match and select opponents for you. During the game, players can use two options, which are:

  • Autoplay (AUTO)
  • Manual play (manual control)

Auto mode – You should use it when you have no ball:

  • If being attacked, you can select Auto. Your players will automatically chase and steal the ball from the opponent.
  • If counterattacking, the players will automatically move, and break through (without passing the ball) with the ball.

Manual mode:

  • You can freely pass the ball, shoot or move, and take the ball in any way.
  • However, for those who are new to the operation, this may not be proficient and not achieve a good enough effect.

FIFA Mobile 2020 BETA apk controls

How to use techniques (skills) in FIFA Soccer

The right side of the screen will always show a blue circle button. This is the most important button while playing FIFA Soccer. This button has several modes as follows:

  • Sprint: This is a button to accelerate, dribble or chase opponents (Sprint Speed). You usually use this when you want to accelerate or chase the opponent.
  • Tackle: You can use this when defending (Defender). When you face the opposing striker who is leading the ball into the home court, Tackle can help you effectively prevent him from doing some dangerous things to your goal.
  • Sprint & Skill: You just lead the ball to run fast as well as do the unique skills. However, you should not overdo it as this technique will push the ball away from you. It will be ineffective if you accidentally push the ball into the opponent’s leg.
  • Shoot: Swipe in the direction of the shot (from the player who has the ball)
  • Pass the ball: Touch the player who wants to receive the ball
  • Corner: Touch the player who touches the ball after the cross. The corner kick automatically executes
  • The match in FIFA Soccer also has time-liked reality but is much faster.
  • At the end of each match, the player receives a reward corresponding to the result.

FIFA Mobile 2020 BETA apk download

Readers can download the game quickly at the link below and start FIFA Soccer. Also, if you want to play it on your computer, you can download and play FIFA Soccer on your PC. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Welcome to the latest major update for FIFA Mobile!
Download now to experience the only mobile game where you can play the authentic FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tournament with all 32 licensed teams, new advanced passing mechanics, updated commentary, updated player rosters, new kits and crests, a fresh new look, and more!

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