FlyVPN MOD APK v6.5.2.0 (Premium)

Full NameFlyVPN
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Latest Version6.5.2.0
RequireAndroid 6.0+
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FlyVPN is an application that helps you access the websites with the hidden IP address (Internet Protocol). Publisher FlyVPN has taken its name to place on its application. This app allows you to surf the web quickly, privately and securely. Besides, FlyVPN is a utility designed to unblock websites and allow anonymous access from users. You can access blocked websites, hide your real IP address, surf the web quickly and anonymously and simply.

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Instructions for registering and using FlyVPN

Step 1: Go to FlyVPN application on your device then click Register now.

Step 2: Fill in the email information for an account. After that, you select Send an E-mail to send a confirmation code to the mail. You can type the corresponding captcha code on the right and select OK.

Step 3: Access the email that you have registered and receive the code. Next, you enter the code in the FlyVPN account registration, type the password in the box below and select Start free trial.

Step 4: When the registration is completed, you will move to FlyVPN’s main interface. In which, you can select VPNs of many countries by clicking on the 3 dash icon, choose the Free section. With other countries, you can choose but it will require you to pay to use that VPN. You can select the area that you want to convert the VPN. When it appears the word “Connected” as shown, you have succeeded. You can exit the connection or stop switching VPN by clicking the shortcut icon on the screen.

The above are some instructions on how to register and use FlyVPN quickly with just a few simple steps. Now, you can access or play foreign games with a stable connection and with a transmission line in many different countries.

How to fake IP of Taiwan PUBG Mobile to receive Free rewards with FlyPVN

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The key features

Connect with many servers around the world

FlyVPN has more than 300 servers worldwide. Just press the button, you can connect from your country to London, New York, Beijing, Paris, … Especially, the app will ensure your security. The interface is also extremely simple and easy to use. If you are a newbie, the system will guide you with everything.

Many countries have IP blocking games, especially Japanese online games. At this point, players have to use a VPN to hide IP access. This is extremely inconvenient for players. Using a VPN will reduce access speed so you will feel extremely laggy. But FlyVPN will help you access extremely fast and not reduce the speed of network access. Also, you can check the network speed.

More specifically, this application has extremely high security. Your IP will be completely hidden and replaced with a new IP. Therefore, blocking IP sites will no longer work with your account. You can access them simply. Moreover, the app also helps to block malicious codes from websites. So you can safely surf the web safely and quickly.

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Friendly with customer

This is an independent publisher so the reputation is extremely important. In particular, they are extremely friendly, ready to support users 24/7. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or contact to get help from the publisher as soon as possible. Moreover, when you upgrade your account to Premium membership but you do not feel satisfied when using it. The publisher will refund within 30 days.

Other features

The publisher FlyVPN allows users to use their application for free for 14 days. With such a large server, it takes a lot of money form maintaining and operating. So, you can buy and upgrade your Premium account to support the publisher after 14 days.

FlyVPN’s bandwidth will not be limited so you can access and surf the website very fast. In particular, the application has more than 50 Chinese servers for those who like their game titles. You can change constantly and choose the fastest server to use through the speed test.

However, FlyVPN is not running smoothly in China but it can work well in Korean, US and other Asian servers. Moreover, you can connect multiple VPN at the same time on the same account. Also, this app supports UDP and TCP connection protocols. They have an anti-DDoS server to secure customer information.

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FlyVPN is a great application for those who want to play games that are blocked by IP. Currently, many VPN applications appear but not all of them are good enough or free. But FlyVPN allows you to have a free trial for up to two weeks so you can experience and evaluate. Besides, you can invite friends to try it out for an additional five free days/pax. So far, this application is one of the most-used VPN software that you should not miss.

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