Forest: Stay focused APK MOD (Pro) v4.44.2

Full NameForest - Focus Timer for Productivity
Mod FeaturesPremium
Latest Version4.46.0
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Nowadays, the smartphone is an indispensable part of life. We seem to be on the phone all day, even though many people fall into “addicted” to smartphones. They have a habit of using smartphones resulting in the distraction of working. Don’t worry! We will give you an app that helps you avoid getting distracted by the mobile devices around you. In this article, we provide you with the original file and APK MOD file in Forest: Stay focused APK MOD for free. Please join us to find it out right now!

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Forest: Stay focused apk

What can Forest: Stay focused do for you?

Forest: Stay focused is a tree planting application on mobile phones. Every time you start a task or want not to use your phone for a certain period, you plant a tree, set a time for it to grow and… no touch the phone again. The time it takes for your tree to grow will be 10 minutes to 120 minutes. The more time you spend, the more beautiful trees you grow. If you use the phone during the above period, the tree will die. When you review what you have planted, you will see a huge forest. That is the time when you did not use the phone.

If your work requires a phone, Forest: Stay focused also lists the apps on the white list. You can use them without affecting the growth of the tree. However, this function is only available on Android. With IOS, you can only turn on the mode “work with phone”. When you exit, you can only save half of the time that you have planted the tree. Many people will be able to cheat when using the white list function. When you cheat, the app is useless. I recommend that you be serious about using this application.

Forest Stay focused apk bonus


Every time you plant a tree, you will receive the corresponding amount of money, depending on the time the tree grows. This money will be used to unlock other trees and sound effects in the store. You can increase the amount after each tree planting by purchasing additional packages. I find this form is quite good. The money you receive is only used to unlock new trees and sounds, absolutely not affecting the balance in the application. When you deposit money but you do not plant any tree, you will not receive anything. This method is very good, far different from pay to win games in many countries today.


Forest: Stay focused has milestones for you to try. From simple goals like sharing 10 times on social media to the hardest goal is to reach the top 10 on the global rankings in a scoring round. Every week, the app will rank the players once. You will know how high your rank is in the world, and how many minutes the top players have not used their phones. Reaching the top 10 is the most difficult achievement in the application. I have been planting trees continuously for a week to be able to complete this task.

Forest Stay focused apk Achievements

From application to reality

The app not only helps you plant virtual trees but it also has the ability to plant real trees. The developer of the app has joined the program “Trees for the Future”. This is a non-profit organization working to end poverty in other parts of Saharan in Africa. When you choose to plant a real tree, they will associate with “Trees for the Future” to plant a real tree in the area above. Currently, there is no evidence as to whether or not your tree will actually be planted. However, we should be optimistic about that as well.

Forest Stay focused apk From application to reality

The key features of Forest: Stay focused

  • Help users detox on the phone and focus on your work
  • Plant trees and take care of them into a forest
  • Plant trees and earn rewards and unlock more than 30 new trees
  • Share your forests and compete with friends around the world
  • You can plant trees with your friends and family
  • Access large forests weekly, monthly and even annually
  • Track your focus time in the Apple HealthKit app
  • Try to unlock achievements and earn more rewards
  • Manage and view statistics on how you allocate time

Forest Stay focused apk download


Overall, this is a great app for those who want to reduce the time they spend on their phones. I have been using this application for several months, and its effect is really good. It helps us focus on our work more, take care of real relationships. Currently, the application is released for free on Android and IOS. If you want more features, more diverse and beautiful trees, please download Forest: Stay focused APK MOD (Pro) at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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