10 excellent offline games during the Corona season (The last season)

10 excellent offline games during the Corona season (The last season)

To The Moon

To The Moon is an attractive role-playing game from the developer Freebird Games. It was first released in 2011. Over nearly 10 years, the game has left its mark as one of the best indie game on mobile.

To The Moon was developed on the RPG Maker XP engine platform and the 16-bit 2D role-playing games platform. At the beginning of the game, many people confused it because the style is quite similar to Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. However, the main task of the player is to complete the story revolving around Johnny’s life and find a way to enter his memory.

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Like other indie games, players have to try to collect pieces of Johnny’s memories and connect them to open the path to the memory of the current Johnny (currently “dying” in bed). Players will have to explore the story carefully to discover every piece of memory and memorabilia, which are associated with each time in Johnny’s life. The final goal is to complete Johnny’s memory and strengthen his belief about his dream of going to the moon.

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Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a great RPG/fighting game from the developer Nekki. It provides players with 3 unique fighting options. The game allows you to collect new skills, weapons, equipment and combine them your way. Depending on the style, Shadow Fight 3 will develop according to the gameplay as well as always show the gamers’ personality.

Besides, the game brings you three separate factions and three fighting styles with hundreds of tactics, character creating tools, and different battle modes. Also, many types of equipment and weapons are waiting for you to explore.

Although it is a fighting game, Shadow Fight 3 has a storyline with deep and attractive content. It fully meets the criteria of mobile gamers about a game with both interesting gameplay and storyline.

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Rest in Pieces

Rest in Pieces is a great game that was highly rated and received a lot of positive feedback on CH Play. It is under the development of Itatake, the main publisher of the game. Even though Rest in Pieces was only officially stepped into CH Play last year, it has really left a significant impression in the hearts of the player.The game is built with quite dark and scary background, along with the extremely characteristic sound system of horror works. Rest in Pieces really did a good job, bringing players into a world full of mysteries, horror but interesting.

Besides, players will have to control their characters, which are ceramic dolls when they are swinging along the journey. Gamers have to avoid obstacles to complete the task.

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Like many other intellectural games, you may have to confront the final boss at the end of each journey. In Rest in Pieces, the final boss is a horror clown. The image of the clown symbolizes humor and fun with children. But in the past two decades, the clown has gradually become a horrifying image, which is also an inspiration for many famous stories and horror movies. Itatake himself has exploited a perfect way to build the game Rest In Pieces.

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Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity is the most famous game series from Ubisoft Entertainment. The game follows the success of its previous versions. However, it is built on the mobile platform, which will be the new name to appear on this list. Assassin’s Creed Identity is an open-world, role-playing game with sneaky action mechanisms. It is set in the European renaissance, in which players will transform into a super assassin with unique skills. He can climb, run and jum and perform great skill to defeat the enemy. Besides, the game gives players interesting experience of the “parkour” phase on your mobile.

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Lucid Dream Series

The last name on that list is Lucid Dream, which is a great game series. If you are a true mobile game player, you should not miss it.Lucid Dream Series is developed and published by Dali Games: Adventure Games. This game is an impressive product. Throughout the journey of the game, the player will be transformed into little Lucy – the main character, and begin a mysterious search into the maze of dreams. It is a journey to defeat the mysterious ghosts to rescue her mother’s soul. Gamers will be watching and witnessing the maturity of Lucy, doing everything to rescue her loved ones. During her mission, little Lucy will encounter ghost spirits, the king of the fantasy forest; Mr. Moon, the light meter repairman; Mr. Beaver, uncle scary psychiatrist Dr. Frank and many other funny characters. The game is rated with an almost absolute score on CH Play. It is enough for readers to see the attraction of Lucid Dream. Obviously, this is a game that you cannot ignore during stormy days.

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