Garena Free Fire MOD APK v1.94.1

Full NameGarena Free Fire: Booyah Day
Mod FeaturesYes
Latest Version1.94.1
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Garena Free Fire is a great mobile shooter that was released by Garena publisher on February 5, 2021. With the same gameplay as the famous survival games like PUBG, Rules Of Survival, Fortnite…, Garena Free Fire gives gamers stressful shooting battles. In this game, wisdom, skill, power and especially human survival instincts will be the highest requirements. With, the readers can find out what makes the game popular. Besides, we provide you with the MOD APK file of the game named Garena Free Fire MOD APK, with more advanced features. Let’s check it out right below!

Free Fire gameplay

The attractive survival gameplay

In general, Garena Free Fire still has traditional survival gameplay, in which you will parachute from an airplane, as well as try to survive on the island with 49 other players. As soon as you landed, the first thing that you have to do is collect things (guns and equipment) quickly. They will help you much to enter the harsh battle in Garena Free Fire. Like other survival battles, the game ends when there is only one person left on the map. Your own game will end when you are defeated. Therefore, it is necessary for you to improve your knowledge, shooting skills, move anđ hide in the most artistic way. If you think of jumping down and hiding to wait for others to shoot each other to get you to the top 1, you are wrong. After each certain time, your playing area (BO round) will shrink. So sooner or later, you will encounter other players.

Free Fire gameplay

The key features Garena Free Fire MOD

Diverse weapons system

Garena Free Fire is interesting in terms of both type and damage. In addition to extremely attractive gameplay, the weapons system of Free Fire is also extremely rich with a lot of gun names both in the game and in real life. They are divided into two main categories including Guns and melee weapons.

Types of guns:

  • Pistol: This kind of weapon has very flexible usage. Besides, the damage is good, but it has a close range, most appearing on the map.
  • Shotgun gun: close range, large damage but slow firing speed and few shots.
  • Rifles: Gamers can use this for close range and distance. There are many bullets with a great amount of damage that can fit many types of viewfinder.
  • Snipers: These are sniper rifles, which have great damage that can take down enemies at a distance but shoot slowly.
  • Machine gun (automatic firing): This is a fast-firing gun that can shoot a lot of bullets.

Free Fire weapons

Melee weapons:

  • Knife: This is a powerful melee weapon with huge damage that protects the owner from enemy fire
  • Grenade: It has large damage on a large scale. You can kill a team squad with just one, but they are very difficult to use and have a close range.
  • Pan: This is also one of the great unique melee weapons with high damage and accuracy. You can also use it like an amour.

The diverse accessories

In addition to the weapon system, Garena Free Fire has dozens of accessories and equipment for supporting characters. They are backpacks, protective helmets and armour sets, which will help your characters have a stronger defense. Besides, the vehicles in Garena Free Fire will also help you move to the target as quickly as possible.

In addition, Garena Free Fire allows the player to have a character customization card. In addition to beautifying, each set of accessories will help you personalize your characters. To get costumes, you have a lot of ways to get it such as daily logging in, receiving rewards after each game, or simply buying them.

Free Fire apk download

Intuitive, easy and flexible control

In Garena Free Fire, the controls mechanism is intuitive. On the right corner, there is a navigation button to move your character. On the right side, there is a firing key. Moreover, you can customize these navigation keys in settings depending on your play style.

Free Fire download

The graphics

Garena Free Fire possesses sharp 3D graphics to bring a great gaming experience for players. Maps, characters, weapons, combat and moving effects are designed very detailed. In addition to the breakthrough light, the game has modern technology to help you feel you are fighting to survive in real life.

Free Fire graphics

How to create a Garena Free Fire account

Starting the game, you need an account to log in and play the game. In this article, will guide you on how to create an account with a few simple steps.

Step 1: After downloading the game at the end of the download link and updating the new version, you select the VK icon as shown below to start creating an account.

Step 2: Then, a registration interface appears. You enter your information and click continue

Step 3: enter the confirmation code and select “Send” then enter the phone number and select “Get Code”.

Step 4: The message containing your confirmation code will be sent to your phone number. You open it and enter the confirmation code then select “Send a Code”.

Step 5: Enter the password and select Sign Up

Step 6: Select Allow to continue and complete the registration

So through 6 extremely simple steps, you have created an account and started to experience this great game right away.

Information about Garena Free Fire MOD APK

  • Game Name: Garena Free Fire
  • Version: v1.70.0
  • Cre:
  • Support: Android 4.0.3 or higher
  • MOD: Auto Aim, Assault Rifles, Auto target, Aimbot, Damage increased,…
  • Capacity: APK (65Mb) + OBB (351M)

Free Fire apk mod


Garena Free Fire is one of the best survival games in the market. Above is a detailed introduction to how to play and its features, as well as some guidelines for you to experience this great game more easily. If you have any reviews about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:
1. New Mode: Zombie Hunter!
2. Football mode: New mode is available in Connection Island
3. New map of Doc Lang Chien: Snow Square (Coming soon)
4. New Weapon Mastery System
5. Rework supplies for Survival mode & supplies are officially available in Deadly mode
6. Re-optimized Survival and Death Battle modes: Battle speed is faster
7. New Weapon: Trogon
8. The 16th Deadly Ranked Season will start at 19:30 on 11/16

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