Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK (Paid) v1.0

Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK (Paid) is a colorful fast-paced action game for Android. It will allow players to enjoy their leisure time with pleasure, as well as help them get rid of stressful working time. Although it is an action game, Giant Dancing Plushies is more likely a dance game because it does not have the penalties if you go wrong. It sounds unusual but quite interesting. Please join us to find out more about the game in this article!

Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK

The gameplay

In Giant Dancing Plushies, you will control the character Kaiju- a giant but extremely cute bear. Your mission is to destroy all things along the way, as long as they have money. Besides, players have to be careful to dodge bullets from tanks, cannons, airplanes… then round back and crush them. The ambulance will clean up the ruins you cause, so you should watch out not to step on them. If you encounter an ambulance, you should stop and let them pass and you can continue your game. Also, the hearts in the top corner of the screen are your life. If you hit the bullet, you will lose a heart. When they go to 0, the game will be over.

Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK gameplay download

The fast pace

To laugh and bring comfort to the player, the producer has cleverly integrated into Giant Dancing Plushies a lot of songs from slow, lovely to intense, or dramatic. Your bear will dance following the speed of the music. In the early levels when the music is slow and you can control it easily, players should try to make as much money as possible. The higher you go, the faster the song will be. At this point, your ability to avoid tanks or artillery… will be greatly reduced.

Along the way, there are some red marker games. You should let your bear step on them, which are the points that drop a lot of money. Sometimes, the game will provide more lives for you. But do not be too greedy. When you see tanks or artillery in the red spot, you should stay away from it because you can lose your life immediately.

Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK free download

Funny graphics

In addition to crushing everything along the way, your giant bear also has cute and funny dance moves. Besides, you also have the opportunity to unlock more cute characters, such as pigs, pandas… All characters, vehicles, buildings… are designed with 2D technology with diverse and fresh colors. They bring you an extremely comfortable feeling.

Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK graphics download

The MOD feature

Paid: The original version of Giant Dancing Plushies is available on CH play for $ 5.57. It is not a small price for a 2D game, so many people may have not enough conditions to buy it with real money. At this point, we provide you with the game’s mod version for free. It is Giant Dancing Plushies MOD APK.

Readers can download the mod file at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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