Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK v1.1.8

Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD is the 2nd version of Granny – a popular horror game on mobile from Dvloper. Part 1 was very successful when the game reached more than 100 downloads. So the developer is very expected in this second part. Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD offers an interesting story. The horror scene is not much different from the first part. However, the biggest change is that the game will lead you to a new location, new puzzles. Of course, you have to solve them to escape from the haunted house. Right now, let’s together with us to find out Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD right now!

Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD

Escape from the horror room

Although it is not too fussy like other horror games, Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD has made a very strong impression. This game brings a true sense when playing horror games. You will play the role of a kidnapped boy and locked in a dark room. Your task is to do everything possible to get out of this creepy house as quickly as possible without being discovered by two ghosts named Granny and Granpa.

Initially, you woke up in a narrow room with empty hands. Of course, if you want to escape, you will need to do more than just run away. You should try to look around the room then open the door and gently explore the other rooms in the house. The more you search, the more useful items you may find like hammers, maps… Sometimes, you may find some meaningless things such as watermelon, apples, scrap paper… If you are lucky enough, you will find a door key or an anaesthetic bow that will make Granny faint in 1-2 minutes. Besides, you will have 5 days, corresponding to 5 opportunities to find a way out during the game.

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Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD horror

Combine the items

Of course, it is not easy to find anaesthetics bow. You should not forget your main purpose is to get rid of this weird place. Also, finding a key is very hard. By doing so, the combination of the accessories or items, you can collect in different rooms and how you use them appropriately in each situation. It will determine what happens next.

Experience the logic feature in the game

Logic in Granny: Chapter Two Apk MOD is highly appreciated. If you are unlucky making noise or knocking down something, the ghosts will appear and attack you. In this situation, instead of running away, you should find a good hiding place like under the bed, wardrobe, door slits… Also, it is worth noting that every time you are detected, a bear trap will be dropped where you are knocked out. It will block your runway. With the logical feature, Granny: Chapter Two Apk MOD is no longer just a horror game, it helps you train your thinking, sensitivity and dexterity in any situation.

Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD download

The scary graphics

Although Granny: Chapter Two Apk MOD is not appreciated because of the simplicity of sketching the details, the father of Granny – Dennis Vukanovic knows how to emphasize the horror element in the game. The background of the game is dark with many sudden situations, which create a gloomy and creepy scene. Besides, the sound with piano notes is filled with horror, creating an extremely unforgettable feeling for the player. Perhaps, those who are very brave can turn on the max volume and play this game alone at night.

Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD graphics


Obviously, with the great features, Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD surely satisfies both the most fastidious fans of the horror game genre in particular and all those who love horror game in general. Don’t forget to find a friend or invite someone to download Granny: Chapter Two APK MOD at GAMEFLASH.VN. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Fixed some bugs

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