GRID™ Autosport APK v1.9.1RC3

Full NameGRID Autosport
PublisherFeral Interactive
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.9.1RC3
RequireAndroidAndroid 9.0+
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When we mention the racing games on mobile, we will immediately think of some great titles such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, Real Racing… However, we should be missing if we don’t talk about GRID™ Autosport APK, which is a new mobile game on mobile. This game was first available on PC in 2014. It brings different colours with super powerful graphics and classic gameplay – typical for the racing genre. Recently, the developer Codemasters has just released it on Mac, PS4 and Xbox. After that, the game appeared on a mobile platform aimed at Android and IOS users. GRID Autosport applies a tilt and touches control mechanisms. You can use the phone as a steering wheel and the key on the screen to perform the greatest drift phase. But its graphics require quite a high configuration. Specifically, your device has to have 4GB of free storage, and Android 9 or above. Let’s find it out right now!

GRID Autosport apk

The gameplay

In GRID Autosport, you will be transformed into a professional racer, who sits behind the wheel of the most powerful racing cars in the world. Before you start competing in exciting racing events, you have to prepare everything for making a great career in Career mode. From easy to difficult levels, you can challenge yourself in the speed race divided into more than 100 different routes in diverse terrains.

Besides, the game will still include familiar game modes, in which each game mode will have its own attractions. In online mode, you can compete with other players around the world. In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends to see who the best. Also, you can participate in cup competitions in the tournament mode.

In the game, the control mechanism is perfect. It also allows players to change many different views to be able to admire the beauty of the game backgrounds.

GRID Autosport apk gameplay download

Diverse racing cars

Coming to racing games, what you are interested in is not just the gameplay, the track or the game modes, but also the racing cars and the way of unlocking them. In GRID Autosport, racing cars are not just F1 cars. They are sourced into different classes with different strengths, including BTCC (Class C), Stock Car Brasil (Class A) and V8 Supercars (Super Tourers). Besides, some vehicles have unique features such as classic and modern cars of Endurance class (such as Mercedes-Benz). SLS AMG GT3 (Category B) and Ford GT40 Mk I), Dyara DW12 chassis of IndyCar Series (Formula A, American muscle car (ex. Ford Mustang Boss 302)… In statistics, GRID Autosport gives you up to 103 cars in all categories, which is definitely a great number for a mobile game.

GRID Autosport apk downloaf for android

The graphics and sound

In general, GRID Autosport has the best graphics in the racing game genre today. It is completely better than Asphalt, Need for Speed, Real Racing or any other racing game. This game is built on the most advanced 3D graphics platform. Also, the developer focuses on the meticulous design of all details, even paint, shadows and other physical effects. The game is extremely detailed, as well as very picky about equipment. With a capacity of 4 GB for the mobile version, 18 GB for the PC version, the game has far surpassed other games of the same genre. If you play on a supported device, you will feel it extremely smooth. You will feel like you are immersed in the most exciting racetrack or are playing games on the console. It is the greatest experience that you should try.

In addition to graphics, the sound system of the game is well invested. GRID Autosport has a lively background music system from classic songs and many current tracks. You should wear headphones for more exciting moments.

GRID Autosport apk graphics download


Overall, GRID Autosport APK is the best racing game on Android and iOS.  Although the game is a mobile game, it offers a good experience like on the gaming console. If you adjust the camera angle to the inside of the car, you will experience the feeling of a true racer. Besides, when you race at 160 mph and higher with a supercar, Grid: Autosport shows the power of the chips on iOS and Android. While 2019 is the year of MOBA and Survival games, Grid: Autosport still confirmed that the racing genre has been more and more attractive. Currently, Grid: Autosport is available on CH Play for $ 12.82 and App Store for $ 9.99. If you are having difficulties with payment, you can download GRID™ Autosport APK for Android at the link below. Wish you have a great time with our game and website!

New updates:
  • Adds a new Arrow Touch Pro control option
  • Adds a new Throttle Slider option for controlling acceleration
  • New support for the following gamepads: Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation DualSense
  • Adds rumble support
  • Adds a master volume option to the audio settings
  • Fixes a number of minor issues
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