How to create a QQ account

How to create a QQ account


QQ is the second-largest social network in China. This is a place to text, listen to music, voice chat and especially play online games. Many gamers know that most great games in China have a function of linking through QQ. This is quite similar to the fact that we play PUBG MOBILE and need a Facebook account. In this article, will guide you step by step to create a QQ account so you can play online games in China.

Step 1: Access the QQ account registration page at this link. After that, you have to fulfil your account information including Email, the nickname and the QQ account password.

Step 2: In the password section, you set the password as required, specific from 8-16 characters, no spaces and should have both letters and numbers.


Step 3: Next, you select the phone number and enter the phone number you are using. Examples of numbers in: Germany +49, USA +1 or 001, Thailand +66, India + 91… Then, you press Send. After that, there will be a 6-digit confirmation code sent to your phone number. You can enter the confirmation code and click Sign up Now to register your account.

Next, you will receive a request to activate your QQ account. There is an activation link sent to your phone.


Step 4: Go to the main mailbox, find the message that QQ just sent to you and click on it. If you see the Sign-up successful message with the account code below, you have successfully registered. You should remember to save this account code in case you get your account back.

Step 5: Finally, gamers can log in the QQ account in the QQ application on the phone.


Over the few simple steps above, you have created your QQ account. Besides finding friends on the QQ application, you can also use QQ accounts to play games that require login to this account. You can play some games with QQ accounts like Forsaken World Mobile or King of Glory.

If you have heard of Tencent QQ software and have this adware on your computer, you should remove it so as not to affect the performance of the system. You can refer to the article “How to remove Tencent QQ from the computer” to remove it.

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