How to order on Taobao APK v0.13.1

Taobao APK is one of the leading systems of websites and e-commerce applications in China. You can see some similar operating models to eBay or Amazon. For mobile, Taobao is a large e-commerce application, which is popular with many people not only in China but all over the world. The app was made by giant Alibaba, which has been taking up a lot of the online shopping market in China.

What are the characteristics of Taobao?

Many users are still quite hesitant to use or buy Chinese goods because they think that the quality is often quite poor. About the goods on Taobao, although the price is quite cheap, the quality of the items here is always guaranteed. Besides, Taobao mainly fetches goods from within China, where goods are relatively cheap due to the low cost of raw materials and labor. Therefore, although the goods on Taobao are cheap, the quality is still very good.

Also, most of the items on Taobao are of good quality. It means that some of them are good, and not all Taobao shops are reputable.

Due to a large number of shops, Alibaba sometimes cannot fully manage. To be sure to buy quality and affordable goods, users need to learn about product reviews and shops on Taobao before making a purchase. The customer feedback will be the best proof of the reputation of a shop on Taobao.

Taobao apk

How does a Taobao store work?

Taobao store is the name for the reference to a virtual store on the Taobao website, which displays products, quotes publicly, and makes transactions.

Currently, stores on Taobao are all under Alibaba’s control, subject to strict regulations aimed at protecting users. Since then, Taobao minimizes the sale of poor quality products, counterfeit goods, assuring buyers in many aspects such as quality, price…

Taobao apk store

How to buy items on Taobao

First, users have to download Toabao at the link below or download it directly on CH Play and App Store.

Second, you can create an account. At this point, you select an account icon or the orange button on the screen to register a new account; enter your phone number, do not enter the number 0, enter your area code instead. After entering your phone number, the OTP will be sent. When you get the code, you should enter it and press the orange button to complete the registration process.

Third, after completing the above steps, you have registered an account. However, this account does not have a password, so you cannot log in on other devices. Therefore, users need to change the username and password for your account.

Note: If you are in China or the surrounding areas, it is quite easy to self-Order. Otherwise, it will take you a little bit of time to get familiar with it.

Taobao apk account


Hopefully, our article has given you an overview of Taobao – China’s major e-commerce website and application. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment at the end of this article. Thanks and have fun!

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