How to play Fallout Shelter( Tips & Tricks)

Fallout Shelter is an extremely attractive free-to-play mobile survival game for Android / IOS and PC models. After launching different versions in 2013 and 2015, the developer Bethesda Softworks has recently released the next version on all three platforms. Fallout Shelter simulates a secret base-building simulation game. So far, it really makes a storm in the gaming community.

Fallout Shelter is known as the most attractive survival game genre on mobile. Its story revolves around the survivors after the nuclear disaster. Fallout Shelter has really conquered the most demanding gamers. Here are detailed playing methods and important tips for you to play this game well, especially for new gamers of survival game.

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How to play Fallout Shelter

Players need to assign tasks to people to build houses and bases, and produce electricity, water, food … The higher the strength(S) is, the stronger and faster the working will be.

Main Vault in the game: Elevator, Living Quarter, Power Generator, Diner, Garden, Water Treatment, Storage Room, Medbay, Science Lab, Radio Studio, Weight Room, Athletics Room, Armory, Classroom, Fitness Room, Lounge, Game Room, Nuclear Reactor, Water Purification and Nuka-Cola Bottler. However, from the Storage Room, all Vault is locked. Therefore, you can only unlock it when the corresponding requirements are met.To assign them the task, gamers need to touch and hold each person then drag them to the room you want them to work.

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Players can touch individual people to get personal information about them. Also, based on the indicators provided to know with each person, you can see the job they can do the best. From here, gamers can allocate the right one to the appropriate tasks.

Besides, players can increase the population of your world by pairing one or more couples and bringing them into the Living Quarter. After a while, the woman will become pregnant and create a new member for your Vault. You should choose those with high Charisma. Moreover, you should not increase the population too quickly because it will spend time creating enough resources to feed even newborn babies.

Upgrade your production rooms by creating more resources. In the early stages, gamers have to try to produce as much electricity, water and food as possible. The more rooms and people are created, the more resources they will consume.Share happy moments with your friends, by touching the camera icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

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Your vault needs to be provided with enough electricity, water and food. Otherwise, the crystal bar at the top of the interface will turn red. If there is too little electricity, the room will be closed. With little food, your people won’t be able to work. Also, without water, they will be in a risk of dying.

Upon completing the mission, you will receive a certain number of bottles of coca (CAPS). The more bottles there are, the greater the chance of unlocking other rooms and upgrading their residents will be.

Important tips and tricks

Slow start

When you first play Fallout Shelter, you will have a Cap (money in the game) to buy construction areas. Although the game requires you to create two buildings first, do not be angry because building too much right from the start will quickly exhaust your important resources. Also, it can make Dweller exhausted, making them depressed.

Fallout Shelter bắt đầu chậm

Size matters

When looking at the ground and rocks below the surface, gamers should pay close attention to the layout. When deciding to build some locations such as bars or power plants, the game gives you the option to place in the soil or sandy area. If you combine two or three rooms of the same type, you will have a larger space, making it easier to allocate more things.

To make the most of your residential resources, you should build 3 types of equipment of the same type & put them side by side. Separating them only makes it harder to handle.

Fallout Shelter sizematter

Understand the special system

To not to waste resources, you need to understand the special system, giving you detailed information about Dweller and its strengths. For example, a character possessing Charisma may be best suited for childbirth; healthy people are matching the work in power plants.

Here are the meanings of the special properties in Fallout Shelter:

  • Strength: Perfectly working in power plants and nuclear reactions.
  • Perception: Water treatment & filtration specialist.
  • Endurance: Good at exploring the outside world.
  • Charisma: Giving birth and hosting a radio station.
  • Intelligence: Using intelligence in Medbay and Science Lab.
  • Agility: Diners, gardeners and cook food.
  • Luck: A little luck playing the game.

Fallout Shelter system

Keep the people working continuously

If you send Dweller to the delivery room, they will. But after they finish, they will just stand there, waiting for something to happen. Along the way, they will not develop the level and begin to feel a bit interested in your house. After that, the best next step is for Dweller to work continuously all the time. You should remember to refer to special system attributes to choose the best workplace for them.

Fallout Shelter people

Maintain people’s happiness index

Making Dwellers happy is one of the most important tasks when playing the game Fallout Shelter. The only way you can do that is to keep the eyes on the energy, water and food the people need for surviving. If there is anything they want, they will show their gratitude by working hard and not complaining. But when things start to get worse, trouble can increase and become a problem that hinders your progress.

Fallout Shelter happy

Get and use weapons early and regularly

Raiders, Radroacher and other threats appear everywhere in the Fallout world. Therefore, it is best to find and equip the Dweller weapons to maintain their safety. If there are not enough weapons, give the best weapons and other items to the world explorer and work upstairs. It gives them and the remaining Dwellers a chance to survive.

Attention to dress

Apparel plays an important role in the long-term success of the country of Fallout Shelter. Although most Dwellers have basic clothing, the explorer will sometime come back with other costume accessories, helping improve Dweller skills. Moreover, if Dweller has just knocked on the door and wants to live with you, you can analyze their outfits and decide if the outfit is more suitable for residents here or not. In some cases, clothes can increase their attributes by 5 times.

Fallout Shelter clothes

Protect the gate

Raider is the main threat in Fallout Shelter. They roam the post-apocalyptic world, hunting for your hideout to attack, steal resources and threaten the lives of the Dwellers.

To solve this problem, you will want to use the Upgrade feature to upgrade the hatch. The bandits ultimately have their way to crack. The stronger the door, the more time you will have for Dweller to go upstairs to block them.

Do not rush to love at the beginning of the game

This is really an interesting concept of Fallout Shelter. The game allows you to pair two Dwellers and watch when they are pregnant. But don’t forget that when you bring a baby to this world, you need to take care of it. It takes several hours of care for your baby to become a contributor to your community. So, until you have space and need more people then you can let the two Dwellers fall in love.

Encourage people to love gradually

Once you have enough place, resources and feel confident, it is the time of love. Gamers have to pay attention to some outsiders who are trying to join your community. Pair the characters you want and let them do the things you want to do in bed. However, before pairing, you should look for someone who has enough Charisma to attract others. Also, you will want to make sure you have an abundance of Luck to increase your luck along the way.

One thing to remember is that Fallout Shelter allows storing 200 characters in a place. This number is quite comfortable for you to choose to increase the number as you like.

Completing all the goals

There is a point while playing Fallout Shelter that will cause you to run out of Cap and need to increase your food supply or solve a series of problems. When that happens, you will want to turn into Pip-Boy and look for targets

Throughout the game, Fallout Shelter gives you a list of goals to complete. Some simple tasks like “making babies” requires you to earn a few more Cap. But some targets are more complex, such as finding explorers that can bring in hundreds of Cap. Either way, you should try to finish them as soon as possible to increase your Cap power.

Let residents look out to the world

Dweller might like the idea of ​​living underground and working for you. However, if you really want to help people, exploring the outside world is an extremely important task. When Dweller went out, they certainly faced many dangers. Removing them will help your character gain XP. Even better, they will also have the opportunity to pick up essential items to bring back to the shelter for everyone.

However, before sending someone out to explore the world, you should remember that high Endurance characters are always the best explorer in the world. When they face dangers, you should remember to wear armor and armament for them to ensure safety. Moreover, giving them a pet also increases their chances of winning.

In general, it is best to choose an adventurer who is less likely to contribute to your accommodation. And because that person will have a weapon, you lose a weapon to protect the shelter from invaders.

Fallout Shelter weapons

Reusing things in emergency cases

Special attributes may be the only guide to help you decide where to place Dweller. However, if you are in an emergency and need more people to produce food, you should send people from areas with water or energy to a restaurant. They will help you increase your water or power supply. Reusing the resources at this time is necessary.

Rush – Take risks

When you need to quickly increase one of your resources, the Rush feature will help you. Thanks to it, you can increase the waiting time to extract resources from the place to increase potential. While this is a great feature, you don’t want to overdo it. In many cases, your team will attack successfully, and everything goes well. However, there are also cases where things get worse than you think.

Protect the first floor

The first floor is considered the most important because it is where the enemy will invade first. Preparing to fight against the enemy is also an important work. Therefore, equipping every resident on the top floor is a great idea. When the enemy comes, they can unite to destroy them and protect their allies. It’s also a good idea to supply guns for Dweller upstairs.

Fallout Shelter door

Design elevator position carefully

The elevator allowed Dweller to move up and down. However, this can also be annoying and consume significant amounts of Cap if you do not use them properly. You should only build the elevator at the right time and when you have run out of space on the top floor. Incorrect elevator construction only takes you time, makes it more difficult to make Dweller happy.

Labor training

As you progress further into Fallout Shelter, you have the opportunity to bring in more Dwellers with more ability to build rooms so that they can practice and improve their skills. For example, a Classroom will help you increase community intelligence, improve your work in the medical and scientific lab. If you invest in an arsenal, you can equip Dweller with a better weapon.

Do not forget to build a storage room

Building a warehouse is a good idea, which helps you store excess resources when you produce more than you need. While this is not the most exciting job, it is a useful long-term solution, ensuring you have the resources to maintain a strong base, even in the worst case.


The above is the good tips for gamers to play Fallout Shelter more effectively. Readers can download Fallout Shelter APK (MOD Unlimited Money) at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment about the game.

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