How to play Farm Heroes Saga effectively

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How to play Farm Heroes Saga effectively

Farm Heroes Saga is an extremely unique match-3 farm game. The player’s task is to move and pair farm produce according to the game’s requirement. At this point, there are hundreds of effective ways to play Farm Heroes Saga. Today, will bring you the trick summary to conquer this game. Please see the information below!

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How to eat flowers in Farm Heroes Saga:

At some levels, the game will require players to collect a certain number of flowers. They appear on the screen as buds. At this point, gamers have to connect the surrounding crops to help the flower bloom and pick it up (usually at least three times). Besides, players can also use the booster shovel to help flowers bloom immediately.

Collect chickens in Farm Heroes Saga:

In Farm Heroes Saga, players also have to obtain a certain number of chicks. To do this, you have to change places so that three eggs are lined up horizontally / vertically to actually have a chicken. Besides, gamers can also use the shovel booster or break the eggs to get the chicks instantly.

How to break the ice in Farm Heroes Saga:

Some crops, chickens, flowers in Farm Heroes Saga are frozen. At this point, you need to swap positions to match objects in the ice area to break the ice. Alternatively, you can also use the shovel booster to smash ice.

Effective use of grass:

On some levels, you will see some green grass fields. When swapping places and eating crops within this cell, players will receive bonus points. Also, if the dirty items fall into these boxes, they will return to normal.

Use the water bucket in Farm Heroes Saga:

After swapping places and eating crops around the bucket, the bucket will fill up. After about 3 times, the bucket will overflow and splash water around. The player can use that water at will.

Watch out for dirty items:

They are fruits with mud. If you match them with other crops of the same type, they will stain all remaining fruit. At this point, you will not score any points for that move. To handle these types, you can change positions so that the stained flower falls into the grass fields to return them to the normal status.

Collect alligators in Farm Heroes Saga:

Collecting alligators is similar to collecting chicks, with much more complicated and lengthy manipulation. First, you put 3 crocodile eggs in the nest to get 1 regular egg then matching 3 regular eggs to get one cracked shell. After that, you can arrange 3 cracked eggs to have a hatched crocodile egg. Finally, players arrange 3 hatched fruits to get 1 crocodile.

Moreover, players can use the shovel booster and smash eggs for support.

How to prevent rabbits from stealing carrots:

When you are at high levels, you will be bothered by the rabbit thief. To prevent them from stealing carrots, as soon as the rabbit appears, you have to perform a side join to temporarily freeze the rabbit. Then, you continue freezing them until successfully passing through the door.

Avoid purple mounds:

On some levels, Farm Heroes Saga will sometimes appear purple marshmallows. Any crops falling there will turn into dirty fruit. Therefore, players must be careful not to lose their water because of that mud.

Using seeds:

If watered, the seeds will grow into the grass, which can be used to reward players with bonus points.

Using chickens in Farm Heroes Saga:

When the crops are successfully connected next to the chicken, they will spawn and jump to a new place. If lucky, the chicken will spawn a cracked egg, which will help complete the goal of creating chicks in Farm Heroes Saga. Besides, players can also use a shovel to move and force chickens to give eggs.

Handling bombs:

On some levels, bombs may appear. At this point, players should note the following details. Every time you make a move, the timer on the bomb will decrease. When the number on the bomb is zero, this bomb will explode and the number of crops you collect will be reduced by a few. To handle bombs, players need to match them with fruits of the same color.

How to collect spiders:

To move spiders, you need to connect items around them. However, you need to break the spider nests by connecting them to fruits of the same color. When you break all the nests on the screen, the spider will have no room to go and will be collected.

Players can use the shovel booster or excavator to clear the spider nests.

Use magic beans:

After each level, depending on the number of stars you got, the game will give you the corresponding magic beans. You can use them to fight against Rancid.

Avoid Snow Patch:

Any crops that fall into the snow box will turn into a snowball. At this point, players can connect crops around the snowball to smash and release the item within.

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