How to use SHAREit for transferring File to Computer

How to use SHAREit for transferring File to Computer

Download SHAREit for Android/IOS & PC v5.0.59_ww

If you do not want to plug in a USB cable to transfer your files on your PC, here are the easiest ways to transfer files from android to computer. Besides, there are a lot of apps available in Google Play for transferring files between mobile phones and PCs. However, the way we introduce to you in this article is the best way to help you transfer files superfast.

You can share your Files / Folders / Data on PC with SHAREIt on Android or iOS.

Some requirements for using all the applications in the PC:

  • To successfully transfer or receive files, you have to install the app first. The link to download is at the end of this article.
  • Besides, you must have adapter driver WiFi installed in the PC
  • Both networks require connection to similar Wifi networks (if they need a password)
  • Important note: – If your wifi adapter software is not installed on your PC, you cannot access it to transfer data or files. So, you have to install the wifi driver successfully in your Computer. This method does not need any USB Data Cable or Bluetooth.

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How to use Shareit to transfer files between PC and mobile phone

Users need:

You download and Install SHAREit on PC & Phone. Before starting to send files, you must first download and install SHAREit on PC and Mobile. To share with windows software, you can download for Android, iOS, WinPhone, Windows or Mac.

Here is the first way of using SHAREit on a computer:

  • After installing the app on the computer and the phone, you click on the sliding menu at the top of the phone screen.
  • Click “Connect to PC”
  • Now, you open SHAREit software on your Windows computer
  • It will automatically search for devices. “Or” Click “Connect to PC” and scan the QR code on the phone
  • Click “Accept Request” on the SHAREit on your phone.

Note: Make sure your phone and PC are on the same WiFi network. Otherwise, the software cannot connect to another. You can see the interface with the sentence “the device you are looking for not found “. Now you can find your password and try to connect your wifi like your personal SHAREit network password.

SHAREit apk appication

How to transfer MP3, video files, folders by using SHAREit:

  • After connecting, you will drag and drop the file in the SHAREit
  • By using SHAREit, you can transfer your files from 4 to 6mbps / second (quite fast compared to Bluetooth)
  • This is a great way to share your files with SHAREit on a PC to transfer files in any device.
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