KartRider Rush+ v1.10.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Full NameKartRider Rush+
PublisherNEXON Company
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.10.9
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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KartRider Rush+ is a great racing game from the developer Nexon. It has attracted millions of players worldwide. This mobile game has the theme Boom Online, which retains the old characters. Also, you have to try your best to reach a high position in the leaderboards and become a legendary racer. Please join us to find out more about the game, especially the interesting story behind the race!

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KartRider Rush+ download apk

The story

KartRider Rush+ MOD APK continues the story in the city of our lovely friends. After the dramatic bomb battles, they returned to their daily lives.

However, the evil pirate captain did not give up. He had begun preparing a new evil plan, which is sabotage with supercars. Specifically, he would use them to carry out daring robberies. Because of that, our friends have started the journey chasing the pirate.

From there, you can create countless dramatic, extremely interesting and fun races across the roads. Let’s experience these fascinating races in KartRider Rush now!

KartRider Rush+ download

The gameplay

At this point, KartRider Rush+ MOD APK has interesting gameplay. In each race, you will control your car to conquer roads, overcome obstacles and defeat your opponents to quickly finish first. After winning, you will receive the rewards. Besides, your operations are not too complicated and you can get used to them quickly through the practice mode.

Besides, the game has the Drift system. When you move to curves, you will be able to perform drift by combining the Drift key with the left or right navigation keys. When Drift, you will be able to accumulate Nitro points. Besides, when the bar is full, you will receive a Nitro bottle to increase movement speed.

KartRider Rush+ mod download apk

The game modes

– Arcade Mode: At this point, you can choose from a variety of game modes like Item Race, Infini-Boost or Lucci Runner to add an extra layer of fast-paced thrill to your races.

– Ranking mode: From Bronze to Master, climb the Race Tier and win respect among your colleagues.

– Story mode: In this mode, you can join Quickly and your friends and help them stop the evil deeds of the dangerous Pirate Captain Lodumani.

– Time Test: You can beat the clock and make your mark as the fastest racer.

KartRider Rush+ mod apk download

Character and outfits collection

If you are a player who has experienced Boom Online, you will definitely be familiar with the characters of KartRider Rush+. Because the characters are entirely from Boom Online.

Besides, KartRider Rush+ MOD APK has a large costume warehouse. At this point, you can use gold coins, energy points, or through activities and quests to own them. However, you should note that some outfits can only be used for characters that are compatible with them.

KartRider Rush+ apk mod download

Racing vehicles

In KartRider Rush +, there are many different types of vehicles. They are divided into many categories with different qualities from ordinary, rare to extremely rare. Besides, each vehicle will have unique stats depending on its quality. You can get more racing cars by purchasing from the store, doing quests or events.

The graphics

KartRider Rush + Mobile has beautiful graphics in an animated 3D platform. The characters are shown with soft lines, expressing familiar emotions like those we know through BoomSpeed Mobile.

Also, the characters are meticulously elaborated, helping to revive characters and recall the childhood of many people. Moreover, the racing car, the track, the landscape… are sketched vividly and colourful. Thereby, it helps increase the fun and attraction to the game.

KartRider Rush+ apk download

The MOD feature

In this article, we would like to bring you the modified version of the game, which will bring you a more advanced feature that is unlimited money. It means that you can freely buy or upgrade in-game items with an unlimited budget.


KartRider Rush+ is an interesting game, which gives you thrilling and dramatic matches, as well as great entertaining moments. Moreover, with the use of characters in a legendary game Boom Online, the game has given them an epic and wonderful recall. Readers can download KartRider Rush+ MOD APK (Unlimited Money) at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Brand New Nordic Update!
Welcome to Asgard – the kingdom of the gods.

– Watch a custom track with other racers in the [Custom Tracks] feature
– Great collaborative content awaits you.
– Holiday event with loads of rewards!
– New items, tracks and more!

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