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Khan Academy Kids is the world’s leading educational app for kids. This app will turn your child’s learning job into fun through interesting interactive games. Besides, your baby will develop a lot of different skills such as reading, writing, calculating, emotional development and many other skills. Khan Academy Kids is free and very accessible. However, it is not too easy to fully master the application. At this point, the kid needs to learn a lot. In this article, we would like to bring you all the necessary information about Khan Academy Kids. Please join us to find them out right now!

Khan Academy Kids apk download

About Khan Academy Kids

This is a free learning app, which has many e-books, learning activities, songs, and videos for kids. The app has some basic exercises like numbers, letters, feelings, the world around them, and more. Besides, children can learn basic skills from Maths and English. The specific topics include numbers, simple addition, logic, letters, breaking sounds, reading, writing, pronunciation, new words…

Khan Academy Kids download

Provides knowledge for users of many ages

Khan Academy Kids not only provides materials for small kids but also students with a huge database. It includes topics like Math, ELA, administration, expression, behavior, and creativity. Besides, Khan Academy Kids brings all the subjects into your device. They are designed to adapt to your child’s learning conditions. More specifically, the app also has a curriculum available to teach your child before entering kindergarten.

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Children and parents

At this point, Khan Academy Kids has 2 sections for children and parents. In the parents’ section, you get options to add an account, change the child’s name, age, avatar, or delete an existing account. Also, it will display the following courses and documentation.

Moreover, the Kids section has very specific age categories. For preschoolers, they will have access to stories, videos, books with additional information about the alphabet, words, numbers, additions, subtractions… Besides, those sentences are simple that will contribute to building their logical thinking skills. Khan Academy Kids curriculum content is integrated with animations, videos from National Geographic, BellWether and Super Simple Songs, extremely child-friendly. The App has a collaboration with experts at Stanford University so you can rest assured of its quality and reliability.

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A huge library

Khan Academy Kids has a huge library of learning materials. It contains pictures, videos and documents that help improve students’ skills. Besides, Khan Academy Kids editing team always strives to build a friendly library system, helping parents and teachers build a solid foundation for kids.

Also, there is a gallery icon on the home page of the app. Behind it lies an extremely large resource. There are hundreds of choices including books, videos and activities awaiting learners. Besides, it brings you many subjects, such as math, literacy, logic, and science. With a click,

users will open a vast world of knowledge. More specifically, App has no ads, nor does it require children to pay for any content.

Khan Academy Kids library


– It can be said that Khan Academy has been very elaborate and meticulous for activities to maintain its diversity. For example, from an early age, your child will be observed how to mix colors to create new ones. This continues by sorting items by color then by sorting shapes by color. Next, kids can arrange the shapes without care about colors. While learning about color, children will also learn how objects are arranged together according to different features. Moreover, the app allows your kids to access the subjects or progress that they have completed. It helps you manage and direct the next subjects for your child.

– Learning while playing: Nowadays, a normal learning schedule is no longer a good development for children. With Khan Academy Kids, your child’s learning will be combined with skill-enhancing games. Then, your child can absorb knowledge more actively and excitingly to develop themselves more comprehensively.

– Developing children’s psychology and physic: App helps develop children’s relationships, social feelings, self-control, and empathy. Besides, the app also helps children develop physical and skills. Healthy exercise helps children express their creativity with drawing, storytelling, and coloring activities.


In addition to a series of outstanding advantages, Khan Academy Kids has some limitations such as:

– In some cases, your child may be a little confused in using the app’s language and their own language.

– Some of the knowledge in the application may be too much for children. At this point, teachers and parents should be the ones who guide them in accessing the application.


Overall, Khan Academy Kids is a great educational app. It links with websites, TV channels, and many reputable newspapers. Besides, the app provides friendly content for all ages, bringing children closer to their parents, teachers, and social knowledge. Moreover, you can use them for free. Currently, Khan Academy Kids is available with various devices and app stores. For more convenience, you can download the APK file from our link below. Having fun!

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