Kick The Buddy: Second Kick MOD APK v1.14.11 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

Full NameKick The Buddy Remastered
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamond
Latest Version1.14.11
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Kick The Buddy: Second Kick have you ever released your stresses or anger by dumping things like pillows, chairs, books, etc.? This can be a great way to make you better, but you have to damage the objects. So, we would like to bring you the best way to relax without breaking anything, which is to play the game, Kick the Buddy. In the game, you can torture a cute teddy bear in many different ways on your phone without affecting the people around you. It sounds very interesting. Let’s find it out right now!

Kick the Buddy apk

About Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is a leading interactive action game from Playgendary for mobile devices including phones and tablets. It will give you a dummy named Buddy. When you hate someone or are stressed, you can assume them as Buddy and torture it in all ways possible, releasing all the anger inside you.

Poor Buddy

Buddy is a poor teddy bear, in the form of a dummy. However, he has the ability to move and run around. This guy is locked in a box and doesn’t have the ability to defend, so you can freely do whatever you want with him. You can buy an AK gun to shoot him or even use a flamethrower to destroy the dummy.

In My Talking Tom, your task is to take care of the cat while you must find ways to torture teddy bears until it dies in Kick the Buddy. Besides, you can choose torture forms such as laser guns, saws, swords or place a C4 bomb and wait for it to explode. You will be rewarded with some money after you torture the poor little bear.

Kick the Buddy mod game

The weapons and equipment

In Kick the Buddy, players can use all means to defeat the character, Buddy. You will be equipped with various rudimentary weapons such as knives, swords, hammers, bows … to modernity including bombs, guns, cannons and even missiles. The game is divided by each screen from low to high. After each win, the player has the opportunity to unlock and equip many new weapons. In addition, Kick the Buddy also has interesting options for you to customize, including makeup for mannequins, buying new clothes, and adding accessories … Certainly, after playing games, your stress and anger will be greatly reduced. Your mood should be more relaxed and fun.

Kick the Buddy android

The graphics

Kick the Buddy has bright and fun graphics. Just look at the image of the character that gives the player a euphoric emotion. It is Buddy with provocative shaping as if to challenge you to defeat him. Besides the lively sound effects, the player will be completely conquered by Buddy’s very real screams after every time you hurt him.

Kick the Buddy apk mod


Kick the Buddy is an interesting game in terms of gameplay advanced features and cute graphics. It will definitely make you relax after hard working hours. But, a minus point of the game is that the game is quite violent. The game will be more suitable if you are an adult and just want simple entertainment. Parents may not like their children to play these games, so the game is suitable for players from 12. In this article, we would like to bring you a special version of the Kick the Buddy mod apk (Unlimited Money), which allows you to use a lot of money right from the beginning of the game. Let’s download and experience it now! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:

– Fortune favors the boldest! Now you can win unique slots by running them every day! Come back daily for a free chance!
– Valuable offer for new players and those who got this update alike! Monkey bomb and a goldbrick pack for peanuts! Yep! We’re picking our own pockets so that you can have fun!


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