Kiss of War APK v1.92.0 – Download for Android

Full NameKiss of War
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.92.0
RequireAndroid 4.3+
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Kiss of War APK is a tactical game combining shooting elements. Besides, in this new version, the Tap4fun developer also upgraded graphics and brought a lot of advanced features to the game. Unlike other games of the same genre when taking the tall male characters to be the main characters, Kiss of War APK focuses on the image of a beautiful female heroes group. It will bring gamers more interesting experiences. Please join us to check it right now!

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The game background

Set in World War II, Kiss of War is an attractive war strategy game. It is about a group of beautiful female warriors with extraordinary life experiences. During the war, they joined a secret agent organization to help the Allies fight the invaders. In the game, players will be able to participate in real battlefields, use weapons and lead their army to destroy enemies. All units that appear in the game are based on history. The game allows players to build their strong base and army to conquer the world.

The gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Kiss Of War APK is a strategy game associated with the FPS genre. In which, players will be able to participate in real battlefields, use classic guns or heavy sniper guns to destroy the enemy base. You will play as the commander of the allies, who is responsible for training powerful warriors. Besides, gamers also have to recruit beautiful agents to be officers, working in important positions in your army. Moreover, you can gather good commanders around the world to destroy the invaders. Your ultimate goal is to build the strongest force to maintain peace in the world.

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The characters system

Unlike other shooting games for character selection, the main character in Kiss Of War APK is the default. It is a hot girl, who wears a battle uniform, including a form of shorts and a low-necked shirt. For male gamers, the physical movements when using a sniper gun will create an irresistible attraction, making you always pay attention to the gaming screen.

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New military control system

Kiss of War APK applies a free and groundbreaking control system. In which the player has the right to command a number of army forces on the battlefield. Attack, build shelter, change targets, adjust operations… and play the game your way. To win the game, players need not only strong forces but also good strategic thinking.

Vivid war script

Based on the real geography of Europe during World War II, the developer Tap4fun has built lively cities and battlefields, especially the iconic buildings that most players can recognize. In addition, they also design and model the famous war weapons in World War II, bringing players back to this legendary era.

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In addition to the above features, Kiss of War APK takes you on real-time battles with players around the world. That means you need more than one brain, call your friends and relatives to experience Kiss of War APK for really fun entertainment. Kiss of War has many versions on different platforms such as PC, Console, and Android. Readers can download the original version on CH Play or download Kiss of War APK at our link below.

New updates:
1.Added a quick way to use Officer and Star Readiness Vouchers to develop Officers (only for Officers already in the War Readiness Store).
2.Improved matching mechanisms.
3.You can now claim all Biozone weekly card rewards at once.
4.Fixed a bug that prevented players from getting rewards when attacking Steel Behemoths.
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