Lapse: A Forgotten Future APK MOD ( Money) v2.1.0

Full NameLapse: A Forgotten Future
PublisherCornago Stefano
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version2.1.0
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Lapse: A Forgotten Future is an interesting online game about the future world on the Android/IOS operating system. It has simple 2D graphics and unique gameplay. Previously, Lapse: A Forgotten Future was forgotten and became a dead game. However, this game has been revived thanks to the story and design of the apocalypse. Currently, the game has reached 5 million downloads on CH Play. Please join us to check it right now!

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The game content

Lapse: A Forgotten Future takes content from many movies about the end of the world. Its background is about a country that was gradually falling into death. In the game, your mission is to lead the country, protect nature and people, develop military forces, and make money. The goal of this game is to keep everything within normal limits. This is the most important thing for you to pay attention to. As long as you go beyond the limit, you will be killed. It can be either very easy or very difficult, depending on your choice. In this post, we will give you detailed instructions so you can lead your country for many years.

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Making good decisions

Lapse: A Forgotten Future is a series of operations that you have to continuously swipe left or right. Gamers will have to fight with many characters. There may be one person or maybe a group. Your mission is to keep the peace for everyone. So every decision can affect the future of the entire nation in the post-apocalyptic context.

If you think you only meet one character at a time and you are not fully responsible for your decision, you can be failed in the following steps. So, you have to keep a cool head and a keen eye. This is the first tip for you in Lapse: A Forgotten Future.

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Get a cup of tea

When your servant asks if you would like to have a cup of tea with her or not, she will usually ask to bring a friend. That person is the creator of the actual game. He will give you the words to exchange for watching the ad. If you do not hesitate to watch ads, you will find that guy helpful throughout the game.

Effects and the little servant

These effects are located right below the game that shows your stats. They often save you from losing a game quickly through a sudden drop in one of the two metrics. In case you received a prophet, it is also placed in this area. You can learn more about the prophets below.

The game store

One important thing in Lapse: A Forgotten Future is shopping. If you have solved everyone’s requests and you want to pass the game more easily, you can check out this store. Here, you can get famous thunder to help you in your decisions, or get more hearts to escape from death quickly. Also, you can get a 4-leaf tree for more luck.

Lapse A Forgotten Future mod apk store download


If you like to make an achievement, this game will definitely bring you many interesting things. The best part about this game is that if you continue the game after you die, you will see the interesting thing immediately. It is even if you have failed and have to restart, some other characters can remember your decisions in the past.

Moreover, the game would have started in 2075. If you fail and start over, the game will start in 2077. So if you want to get a big surprise at the end of the game, don’t give up. You should target unlocking those achievements!

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