Lara Croft GO MOD APK (Unlocked) v2.1.109660

Lara Croft GO is an extremely attractive puzzle adventure game on mobile from SQUARE ENIX producer. In the game, players will discover the ruins of an ancient civilization, find the most protected secrets and face many challenges when discovering the mystery of the Snake Queen. Let’s together with to check this interesting game right now!

The gameplay

Lara Croft GO takes players to the journey of discovering the mysteries of a buried world with the beautiful Lara girl. In the game, you will be able to show your thinking and judgment ability to discover the mystery of ancient civilization, which has hidden for thousands of years.

During the entire Lara Croft GO adventure, gamers will always have to solve tricky puzzles, avoid obstacles and traps to defeat enemies and collect antiques. All of the above blend together on a sufficient scale. You will not be bored by having to repeat a piece too many times. The game has Save points placed everywhere. Even though the screens are quite large, you never have to go back to an area for a long time.

Lara Croft GO apk game mod

The highlights of the game

The obstacle

In the game, the main rivals are snakes, lizards and spiders, each of which has its own attack methods. While the snake only hides and waits in a fixed position, the lizard follows each step of the player. However, they also proved useful in certain cases.

Lara Croft GO apk game

Completing the difficult tasks

The game has all 40 levels with a series of difficult and challenging missions. At the beginning of the game, you will have time to practice for knowing how to move, solve puzzles, turn on and off switches, know the disadvantages of your opponents and how to overcome them. After finishing the practice process, Lara Croft GO will officially throw you on a real adventure that is when gamers must use their thinking ability.

Lara Croft GO download for android


The way to move in Lara Croft GO is quite simple. Players only need to swipe to move the character. In which, the number of moves is not limited, which gives you the freedom to experience the game.

The graphics and sound

The game is designed with colourful 3D graphics. The competition areas are designed in detail from the jungle, swamps to the tombs, which definitely makes gamers excited. In addition, the sound system also brings excitement to the players when having extremely lively background music.


The information of Lara Croft GO MOD APK:

  • Name: Lara Croft GO
  • Version: 2.1.109660
  • Producer: SQUARE ENIX LTD
  • Size: 23 Mb (APK) + 428 (OBB)
  • MOD: Unlocked
  • Support: Android 4.0 +
  • ROOT: Not needed.

Lara Croft GO apk mod


Lara Croft GO is a great game, which has a suitable difficulty level, which is moderate enough for players who are familiar with the puzzle game genre. Besides, you do not have to spend money on suggestions when you have Lara Croft GO APK MOD (Unlocked), allowing you to use the unlimited budget to buy everything. Overall, Lara Croft GO is really worth playing with nice image, lively sound quality and endless game progress. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website for more interesting games and apps!


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