Last Pirate MOD APK v1.4.5 (Unlimited Coins)

Full NameLast Pirate: Survival Island Adventure
PublisherRetroStyle Games UA
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Latest Version1.4.5
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Last Pirate MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) is an interesting modified version of the survival game on Android. It was released by RetroStyle Games UA, a game studio that is quite unfamiliar to gamers. However, Last Pirate is quite successful with the wild island scene. It is both familiar and attractive. After the trial with more than 100 thousand registration and installation, you can now download and experience this game on Android and IOS. Please join us in this article to find out more about Last Pirate MOD APK right now!

The game content

Last Pirate MOD APK is set on a deserted island, which is not located on the map. In the game, you and your team are sunk and drifted here. Many strange events began. First, the crew continuously disappeared, including your girlfriend. Next, a series of rather extremely mysterious phenomena happened. At this point, you were lonely on the cold desert island. What will you do to survive? Where did the crew go? And how did you find them? Please enjoy the game and find these answers!

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Attractive survival gameplay

Like Dayz on PC, Last Pirate is a clever combination of survival (for food, water…) and killing zombies. There are hundreds of zombies on the island. Besides, players will also have to face many strange animals and many other dangerous enemies. What will you do to survive?

First, gamers have to build a safe shelter. Specifically, you have to build a strong enough house, which can protect you from aggressive animals. At this point, players should build it near the sea. If you work in the forest, you are very likely to be attacked by zombies. There are a lot of materials on the island for you to complete this task. They are bamboo, leaves, and the carcasses of small boats on ashore.

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After building a house, you have to consider making weapons as soon as possible. The most basic weapon that you can make is a stone ax. To do that, players have to find a piece of wood and then use the string to tie the stone to it. For the ax to have more damage, players should sharpen the small branches and plug small in the ax. After that, you will have an extremely powerful weapon. This is quite an important part because the ax will help you feed as well as protect you from zombies and dangerous animals. In addition to axes, you can also craft, bows, crossbows, swords, and a lot of other weapons, as long as you get a lot of ingredients.

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The graphics

Last Pirate Island Survival has great image technology on an advanced Unity graphics platform. It delivers extremely realistic and colorful 3D features. Also, it provides you with a large open world, which helps you freely explore the environment. Last Pirate APK Mod proves itself to be one of the best survival games today.

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The MOD features

In this article, we would like to provide you with a modified version of the game. It will offer you more advanced features than the original version. Specifically:

  • Full Coins. Free Shopping.
  • Free Craft and Free Building.
  • Durability is never reduced.

Readers can download Last Pirate MOD APK at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

* Added damage numbers for mobs.
* Improved AI (can now stun the player).
* Bug fixes.

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