LifeAfter x GHOST IN THE SHELL APK v1.0.182

Full NameLifeAfter x GHOST IN THE SHELL
PublisherNetEase Games
Mod Features No
Latest Version1.0.182
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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LifeAfter x GHOST IN THE SHELL APK is a new and popular game from the developer NetEase. Based on a captivating storyline about survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, this game is not difficult to attract players’ attention. Also, the producer has brought new gameplay and an intuitive visual system that is associated with each character’s action. Please follow this article to learn more about the unique features of the game!

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Attractive story

As soon as players logs in to the game, you will be immediately fascinated by the fast pace and typical images of a survival game. In which a storm swept through the earth and carried the deadly virus, turning humans into zombies. The world faced the apocalypse. Only a few people could survive, but their situation was very hard. In this game, you are one of the few people who survived on Earth in the Zombie disaster. Players have to do everything to survive, such as finding food, water, tools, weapons … Besides, gamers have to face many dangers from bloodthirsty Zombies. More specifically, you must be careful with your every step. Even staying with other people is not necessarily safe as they may be trying to trick you into a trap. Thereby, life in the wild world has many difficulties, making the survivors always be on the lookout. Specifically, the lack of survival materials makes people more greedy. However, you can also find yourself a few good friends to survive together, help each other build and grow. This is the human point of the game. Overall, Life After seems to have been very successful at encapsulating a huge amount of content with just a few simple but logical stories throughout the gameplay.

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The gameplay

Like other survival games, you will play the role of the main character of the game. You will face many dangers, such as Virus infection, zombies, lack of food, water, tools, weapons … First, you have to go around the area and find yourself a safe place to shelter. Along the way, gamers can also collect survival materials, such as food, water, tools or weapons. In this game, players can go hunting or gathering. After that, you have to go to collect more things to be able to craft tools, weapons or items to help you heal. Moreover, players must have for themselves an ideal, not just surviving. Specifically, you must try to save as many people as possible, build yourself a safe and growing living area. With a town of up to 80 people, you will confidently fight any threat, even barbaric zombies.

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The graphics

LifeAfter APK gives players a large space, sharp and realistic image. With beautiful 3D graphics and flexible movement of each part of the game, players will always be fascinated during the game. In particular, the graphics of this game are highly optimized on the mobile platform. This helps players to be more convenient and feel more excited when they can play anytime, anywhere on the phone. Also, the game’s graphics remind us of another popular mobile game called Rules of Survival.

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LifeAfter APK is a unique survival sing game. It does not make us think much about mechanisms but about survival or human values. Also, this game is well invested in graphics, providing players with the best gaming experience.

Currently, we also provide readers with the MOD version of the game in this article. You can easily download and experience it for free at the link below.

New update:

LifeAfter x GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 crossover Official launched!
Players are facing scarce resources, harsh weather, and dangerous wild lives, and from scratch collect resources, buildhouses,make tool sand weapons, and fight alongside with teammates to make and defend a home in a post-apocalyptic world.

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