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Full NameLittle Big City 2
PublisherGameloft SE
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Latest Version9.4.1
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Gameloft is a famous mobile game manufacturer with a lot of quality games such as the Asphalt series, NOVA Legacy series, etc. Today would like to introduce to you a great game with extremely interesting gameplay and beautiful graphics named Little Big City 2. This game belongs to the intellectual city-building genre. Let’s check it out right now!

Little Big City 2 apk

The gameplay

In the game, players will transform into an architect who is responsible for supporting the mayor and his department in developing a pristine island into a wonderful paradise. You will give the plans for building the city, attracting residents and creating jobs for them. Your main goal is to make a high income for the whole city, thereby unlocking bigger, more beautiful buildings to make your city a desirable place.

In addition, there are many works for you to choose from. First, you have to build houses for people to live then build works that bring jobs and profits such as cafés, houses, commercial centers, entertainment areas and offices. Finally, you have to build public facilities such as police stations, fire departments, and hospitals… which are the determining factors in retaining the citizens and generating more income. You should consider it before building a certain project because it will greatly affect your city.

The highlights of Little Big City 2 APK

The numerous constructions

Little Big City 2 is divided into 3 main types of projects: Housing, economics and public works. Each form has many buildings, and these works have the same effects as in real life. In which, the airport is for transporting passengers; wharves is for exchanging goods with other cities. Some projects help you harvest agricultural products such as wheat, fruit, meat, etc. The game has hundreds of buildings, each of which will go through three development stages. If you feel some buildings are too old and deliver too slowly revenue, you have to replace it with a new building or upgrade them.

Little Big City 2 apk download

Upgrade the construction works

In Little Big City 2, population and income are two things that you must pay attention to. Besides, upgrading the work is the most effective way to increase these 2 things. The population of the island will increase depending on the size and quality of the construction items. The parameters such as experience points, population, money, diamonds and gold are clearly displayed above the horizontal frame of the game, so you can follow them easily. Also, the game helps you keep track of which buildings are growing slowly or old, from which you can upgrade or replace them quickly.

Little Big City 2 update

Intuitive interface

In Little Big City 2, all parameters from population, money, gold, stars, fun indicators or notes, etc. are displayed on the screen. You can also change many viewing angles such as looking down from above, looking sideways or zooming out or turning to the city. All of this will bring a sense of visualization and authenticity to the small corners of the city.

Little Big City 2 mod game

Visit other cities

Building your city into a living paradise and watching it every day is wonderful. Besides, players can also visit other cities and refer to their city development strategies. This is precious learning for improving your city.

Little Big City 2 apk game

Other highlights

  • Little Big City 2 supports many languages
  • Easy control
  • Endless playing time that you can upgrade your city until you feel satisfied.
  • Get regular data synchronization
  • Customize buildings according to preferences
  • The new version is constantly updated.
  • Gamers can play the game without an internet connection

The graphics

Little Big City 2 has 3D graphics, which bring players into a colorful world, natural areas like grasslands, sea, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, seaports… Besides, the works are also designed very meticulously and elaborately. The high buildings show up very spectacularly, which is a key factor that attracts the players.

Little Big City 2 apk game mod


It can be said that Gameloft has produced a great game in terms of gameplay, features, and quality graphics. Besides, Little Big City 2 runs smoothly on many different platforms. In this post, we provide players with Little Big City 2 APK MOD (Money) with many advanced features that help you build your city faster. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Also, do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:

  • Fixed some bugs.
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