Lucky Patcher MOD APK v10.4.8

Full NameLucky Patcher
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version10.4.8
RequireAndroid 6.0+
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Lucky Patcher is a great software, which helps users modify/hack/patch Android applications and paid games with great professional and easy methods. Unlike Game Guardian or Game Killer which only hacks free offline games, Lucky Patcher is a miracle. It can help you delete ads in the application, change permissions, delete system apps, and buy in-app items for free…

Imagine that you downloaded a game to your computer and be limited to characters and resources as well as costs you much money or in-game resources to unlock them. I believe it is not comfortable for you. However, With Lucky Patcher, you just need to follow some extremely simple steps to unlock all of them. Great!

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Lucky Patcher apk

What can Lucky Patcher do?

Lucky Patcher can do a lot of things with regular updates that always bring you new features and different versions on Android devices. You can refer to the advances below:

Remove Ads

The games on Android often add a lot of ads, which brings profits to producers but it also makes a lot of troubles for players. Advertising will interrupt your game as well as annoy your gaming experience. With Lucky Patcher, you can eliminate the ads through some easy steps.

Lucky Patcher for android

Hack the game easily

You can hack or modify any games with Lucky Patcher for more money, gold and resources in that game. Note that this feature requires root access.

Lucky Patcher mod

Free buy In-app items

With Lucky Patcher, you don’t need to waste money buying items in the game. Just a few simple steps, you can buy the items you like and important for absolutely FREE.

Lucky Patcher items

Delete application permissions

Some games or applications require different rights. For example, an offline game that requires an internet connection; permission to log in to an email or confirm age and gender. These rights do not affect your game much but will cause a lot of trouble for you. At the moment, you can remove any rights with Lucky Patcher.

Create application clone

Lucky Patcher supports users to clone applications on their phones. It is simple. First, you start Lucky Patcher => select the application to be cloned => select the appropriate Tool => select Clone Application => select some additional options (or not) => and select Clone.

Lucky Patcher apk download

The basic usage of Lucky Patcher:

Step 1: Go to Lucky Patcher and wait for it to load the existing applications in your system.

Step 2: Select an application you want… (this application must have a new license…).

Step 3: Select the Open Menu of Patches under the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Select Remove License Verification (Remove the license confirmation).

Step 5: Select Auto Modes (auto … mode) or Manually (mode … according to the indication).

Step 6: Wait for it to finish, turn off Lucky Patcher and go to the application. Enjoy the results. (Maybe this app will not work with some software and games).

The meaning of colours for different applications

  • Green: the application can Crack and disconnect GOOGLE service. With apps or games of this color, the successful Patch rate is very high. You just press, hold down and select “Remove License Verification”.
  • Yellow: Using a separate Patch package. You can press, hold and select Custom Patch.
  • Blue: the application has Ads by Google. You can press, hold down and select “Remove Google Ads”.
  • Purple: Auxiliary operation when starting the system
  • Orange: system application
  • Red: Cannot Patch or nothing to Patch.

Lucky Patcher download for amdroid


Lucky Patcher is a great Android application with a lot of advanced features. Besides, there are a lot of advantages for you such as being simple, safe and easy to use. In addition to the features we mentioned above, this application has a lot of useful features to help you manage and use applications on your Android device. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Thanks and have fun!



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