Mech Arena MOD APK v2.21.01 (MEGA)

Full NameMech Arena: Robot Showdown
PublisherPlarium Global Ltd
Mod FeaturesMega
Latest Version2.21.01
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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If you have ever watched the battle scenes of super robots in the movie, you will probably wish to once control them and join the fight for any purpose. Lately, the publisher Plarium Global Ltd has released an extremely satisfying game on the theme of robots on a shooting action platform. Besides, the game delivers you top-notch graphics and many advanced features that we can’t find on similar games. In this article, we bring the MOD APK file of the game named Mech Arena MOD APK, with the Mega mod feature. Let’s learn more about the game in this article!

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How to play

In the beginning, the game will guide you on how to fight and defend in detail. Your task is to capture Control Point or destroy all enemy troops in the arena. Mech Arena has quite simple control and combat mechanics. Specifically, the right side will be the navigation key for weapons, shooting and using other functions. On the left will be the direction control key. Players only need to aim and shoot.

Combat Mechanism

Mech Arena has an online pairing mechanism. You will meet many players around the world. And that’s a reason why you don’t have any easy matches. In the battle, players will team up with 5 other people to form a team of 5, join the arena and fight the enemy team. Gamers will have to try to capture points on the map by infiltrating and turning them green. Red will be the enemy team. If you let your opponent take all the points or destroy your team, you lose, and vice versa. Furthermore, each match will go fast or slow depending on whether your team can achieve the above goals or not. But each match will only last a maximum of 5 minutes. It is very suitable for busy people.

Besides, your weapon will need time to reload when it runs out, about 6-8 seconds. When you have to reload, you should try to hide behind obstacles or move continuously to avoid enemy bullets.

mech arena battle mechanism

Bonus points and precious items

After each match, you will be rewarded with experience points to level up. After each level, you will have the opportunity to unlock many modern robots and advanced weapons. Besides, players have to try to win to get Victory Point. Players will spend these bonus points to open gold treasures, in which there are many valuable rewards. In addition, the game also gives you other combat bonus points. Depending on your performance in the arena, you will receive Battle Points. The better you fight, the more bonus points you get. This battle bonus will unlock the silver treasure. Mech Arena will gradually get harder as you level up. However, the harder it is, the more valuable rewards you get.

Unlock and upgrade robots

– Players should pay attention to the point of energy consumption. This stat that all robot weapons need to function. You cannot exceed the robot’s capacity. So calculate to use the right weapon. This is extremely important.

– Each robot can carry 2 weapons with a separate upgrade system.

– Regarding the upgrade, players can use C coins or use green cards (BluePrint), received after each match or open treasures.

Other function

– Daily login to get bonuses.

– Make friends through the social network Facebook to be able to invite friends to play together, adding more fun.

– Provide unlocking progress: Players can easily see the progress of gaining experience points and unlocking items. They will have more bases to try for each match.

– Diverse but easy-to-understand game modes, including:

  • Quick Match (Quick Match).
  • 5vs5 DeathMatch.
  • 2vs DeathMatch.

– Events are constantly updated with many interesting gifts.

Mech Arena features(1)

Top-notch graphics

Mech Arena has beautiful graphics with lively shooting effects. The movement of the robots is very smooth. However, they have huge differences between the mechs. The more modern the Mech, the more realistic the movement. Besides, the sound is lively and associated with the actions of the mechs, making the game more attractive.

Download Mech Arena MOD APK (MEGA) for Android completely free

In this article, brings you to read the Mod file of this game with the MEGA MOD feature, which will make your Mech invincible on the battlefield. Readers can download Mech Arena MOD APK (MEGA) at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

– Performance optimization
– Improved game stability
– Smoother playing experience


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