The best mobile games for Christmas

The best mobile games for Christmas

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the world. It always makes us excited when thinking of it. With gamers, looking for a good game for Chrismas is also a serious concern. Surely, this kind of games will help you quickly get rid of the lonely and cold feeling on this Christmas night. Let’s find them out right now!

Santa ’Village

Launched from the Christmas season of 2018, many people probably got caught up in this Santa ‘Village game. It is an interesting role-playing game, in which you will play a manager of the happy Christmas village. Your task is to build houses for goblins, open lots of toy factories for good children. Besides, gamers have to save the peaceful Christmas night from the evil Grumpkins.

In addition to protecting the village, gamers also experience a lot of exciting activities in this village: making toys to win a cute bell, teaching reindeer how to fly, meeting funny neighbors like Yobo the Yeti, unlock special buildings and colorful decorative accessories to make the village even more sparkling.

Santa ’Village apk download

Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift is a great gift that the developers Zepto Labs and Chillingo give gamers for Christmas.

During this Christmas, the game’s creators have added new effects, new screens and colors to the Christmas season. With Cut the Rope. : Holiday Gift, there is nothing to complain about. Also, the game allows you to create extremely beautiful Christmas cards with the main character Om Nom. At the last stage, you have the opportunity to admire the new missiles and animations of Om Nom. This game has all 25 screens for you to try on Christmas Eve.

Cut The Rope Holiday Gift apk

Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure

Like Santa ‘Village, Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure takes players to build the village and protect the people from the destruction of the winter prince on Christmas Eve. This game is released for free on iOS.

Paradise Cove Holiday Adventure apk

Angry Birds Seasons: Winter Wonderham

Angry Birds Seasons: Winter Wonderham is a great game. However, the special version for Christmas this year of Angry Birds Seasons brings a lot of new things. With over 300 stages and free regular updates, Angry Birds Seasons offers diverse challenges and discovery characteristics for users who love the classic game.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham apk downloaf

Santa in the City 3D

Santa in the City 3D is an interesting game. Players can freely join the great adventure and experience the reality of sitting on a reindeer with Santa Claus flying on high-rise buildings to give gifts to children in Christmas Eve.

Crazy Burger Christmas

When playing this game, you will have to control Santa to move back and forth on the screen to eat dishes. There are many things for Chrismas, such as roast goose, Hamberger. However, you have to dodge vegetables and fruits because you do not need to eat all the vegetables in Chrismas. So, it would be best if you gave Santa Claus more Hamburger to get a higher score.

Crazy Burger Christmas apk download

Kids Connect the Dots Xmas

For children, Kids Connect the Dots Xmas is a good game for both entertaining and learning. This game connects numbers together. The parents can play and teach their children. Kids Connect the Dots Xmas contains over 50 simple Christmas figures. During the game, it also plays Christmas music that can makes you relaxed.

Kids Connect the Dots Xmas apk download

Mouse Maze Christmas

In Mouse Maze Christmas, the players have to control the mouse moving in the maze and avoid cats on Christmas Eve. When running, you have to collect potion, attack the cat and get the Point. Players can download it for free on App Store.

Mouse Maze Christmas apk download

Bunny Shooter Christmas

In this game, players will hunt rabbits by controlling the arrows and shoot at them. It consists of 30 rounds with many different challenges. The game is completely free but with advertising.

Bunny Shooter Christmas apk download

Hopefully, with the list of interesting games above, you will have a memorable Christmas. In addition, many online mobile games have been recently launched. Besides, Christmas events are also ongoing. Please visit our site regularly to update more exciting games and apps! We wish you are merry Chrismas!

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