Muse Dash APK (MOD, Unlocked) v1.4.1

Full NameMuse Dash
PublisherX.D. Network
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Latest Version1.4.1
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Muse Dash APK MOD is an extremely addictive and engaging music game. It was produced independently by the developer PeroPeroGames. The game is a perfect combination of interesting parkour style and traditional music game. Also, Muse Dash has an emerging recent music rhythm, which has been popular on the mobile platform. The game has simple gameplay, light background, cute anime graphics with fan service and powerful J-pop or dubstep tracks. It is sure to be quickly expanded its audience to two new platforms, including PC and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, it has achieved a lot of success on the Android platform. Please join us to check it right now!

Muse Dash mod apk download

Simple gameplay

In Muse Dash for Android, the game world is the perfect blend of exciting parkour games and traditional music games. The gameplay is quite simple. Players only need to collect as many notes and items as possible to defeat the enemy. The notes will appear to follow the melody of the song. If you press the wrong beat, your character will be hit and lose blood. Besides, Muse Dash even provides gamers with some interesting and hilarious boss battles. The developer designed a few variations to increase the difficulty of the invisible ghost. It forces the player to feel the rhythm to press or the saw buried underground, which requires you to press Air to dodge. In other words, although the control element is simplified to only two buttons, the game experience is still quite intensive, requiring players to press the button correctly at the right time to create a combo.

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Character system Muse Dash APK MOD

Muse Dash begins with the image of three female characters. They are quite beautiful and sexy, which has nothing to do with the game experience as an allusion to the game’s fan service element. These are also the characters that players can choose to be the main characters after collecting enough unlockable items. Also, these items are obtained when you get certain achievements. Each character has unique skills, different costumes. They more or less bring different support in the music-pressing experience of the game.

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The challenge system Muse Dash APK MOD

The first time you enter the game, you can only experience three tracks. After each game, the character will receive bonus points for leveling up. In the early stages, every time you level up, you will unlock one more song. At some initial games, you can level up quickly. One level only needs to play once or twice in Easy difficulty to level up. After that, players can unlock new tracks. However, things will be more and more difficult. Besides, the developer also designed other achievements, requiring you to play a song a few times to get it.

Moreover, the level element and the achievements are more or less the reward to unlock new Elfin, characters or costumes. Meanwhile, the new Elfin and new characters have very cute or attractive skills and images. In other words, Muse Dash is designed for you to play the same old music over and over, with the three different difficulty levels the game offers just to unlock each new song and other support items. It is not a big deal for experienced players. But, for new gamers who only occasionally play a few minutes to entertain and relax, this is a big problem, especially when the new characters and Elfin bring many advantages.

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The graphics

The highlight of Muse Dash APK MOD is not only in the simple gameplay of just two interactive points but also in cute anime graphics. It uses bright colors with intuitive visual effects. In the game, the music is shown through the monster’s manipulation of the character on the game screen. It gives funny images to gamers. In addition to the classic elements such as one-touch operation, the game also has some other familiar manipulations of this genre, such as holding down or pressing two interactive points. Each such press is transformed into the image of attacking the monster on the screen.

Muse Dash mod apk graphics download

Live music

Music is the main feature of the game Muse Dash. So, it’s not uncommon for the music to be quite diverse like pop, trance, Vocaloid, etc. But they are mostly about electronic sound. We discovered a song similar to the game Cytus-α but probably only a minority. Also, the Nintendo Switch version has nearly 100 songs available, while the default PC version has only about 30 songs at a very cheap price. If you want to have more experience, you have to buy DLC at the same price as Nintendo Switch to experience this additional music. However, the developer also allows players to listen to 30 seconds of each song in the above DLC before deciding to buy “package” or not. This is also the business model that is applied to the mobile version and continues to be applied to the PC version at a new level. I don’t really like this model, but I have to admit its plus point is a very effective way to advertise for the game.


Overall, Muse Dash APK MOD is a great music game with diverse advanced features. However, this way of development requires players to spend a lot of time to feel the specialty of the game. If this factor does not bother you, this is a perfect choice for music experience.

Muse Dash is produced on PC platforms (Windows, macOS), Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Each game platform has a different fee. For Android, you have to spend more than $ 1 to own this game. However, if you are not ready or get a problem with payment, you can download its modified version named Muse Dash APK MOD for free.

New update:
  • Fixed the issue where the title screen will only show [SONG TITTLE SONG TITTLE] and can’t start the game.
  • Fixed the bug in the weekly free song feature which is causing the error in the new filter system. (The weekly free song will resume after the iOS version is also updated)
  • You will need to update your game to recieve the weekly free song notification!
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